Wyoming and the Transgender


Having lived in Wyoming for just over 4 years I have learned that Wyoming is very proud of the fact they are not like the other states in America. They don’t tend to follow all the trends and really just want to be left alone. That was part of the reason I moved here from California and my hometown those 4 years ago. Sadly, with the internet and Hollywood, the values of the outside keep knocking on Wyoming’s door.

As I have written before in a couple of posts on this blog, Wyoming does need to be worried and not necessarily from the outsider coming in. Check those posts below:

In a short summary of those posts, they cover a few bills that were to protect children from the current transgender trends and how the current state House, Senate, and Governor dealt with them. The posts show that there are many RINOs in the Wyoming state offices and how they are hiding behind the amendments that they insert into the bills or the House Speaker keeps them in his desk until they expire. Then if a good bill does make it, to the governor’s desk he would rather them become law without his signature or veto them because of his unseen foresight of a possible costly lawsuit to defend it.

Now, after a few months since I wrote those posts we now have two more news stories about the transgender agenda being pushed within Wyoming. The first has to do with a school in Rock Springs that was hiding the fact they were helping a girl transition to become a transgender boy without her parent’s knowledge. As a result, the school is now being sued. As such the non-RINO lawmakers have stated they will once again try to pass Senate File 117 which would have been able to prevent the school from hiding their secret agenda. However, the reason the bill never made it to the Governor’s desk was because the House Speaker Rep. Albert Sommer, R-Pinedale never allowed it to the House floor for a vote.

If the bill is reintroduced to the House in the next session it will still have the same obstacle as before, that is the House Speaker once again placing the bill in his desk drawer. But it will also have to make it through the House committee and the House floor without amendments removing the actual meat of the bill as they did with SF144. SF144 was a bill that had a great title from the beginning to the end, but the meat of the bill was ripped out and thrown in the trash by the RINOs placing amendment after amendment in it. SF144 would have stopped the mutilation of children’s bodies in the process of sex change surgeries. The sad thing is that the RINOs then used the failure of this bill passing by placing the blame on the Freedom Caucus who didn’t just want a great-looking title on the books.

The second issue that Wyominites need to be worried about is the University of Wyoming’s gender and LBGTQ+ study courses. According to the news story linked above shows, the President of UW is very much a supporter of the transgender movement. President Ed Seidel is under the impression that the state ran university must offer everything because students have no other opportunities as far as going to university within the state. However, one of his goals is to improve the ability of graduates to find jobs within the state upon graduation. So, if that is the goal, where would a student find a job in gender studies in Wyoming?

My main point of this post is that the people in Wyoming need to really research and study who they are electing into the positions of power in the government. As a California refugee, I will tell you that if you don’t watch and research your elected officials, it may be too late to stop the Woke World from fully taking over the state.

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