Wyoming Governor… “Draconian and Discriminative”

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What would you think of a governor that refuses to sign a bill into law, but still allows it to become law?

That is precisely what the Governor of Wyoming did with a number of bills in Wyoming. In one case he said he would sign the SF133 into law. This bill prohibits transgender males from competing in grade 7-12 female sports. He said that he felt this bill would be challenged in court and be a waste of money. He also stated that this bill was “Draconian and Discriminative.” Yet, with those beliefs, he still would not veto it or sign it into law, knowing that the law in Wyoming would mean an unsigned bill will still become law.

Now, I want to make this clear, I support the SF133 and am glad it is a law today. Unlike what Governor Gordon stated about it being “Draconian and Discriminative,” I found neither of these. The fact of the matter is I found allowing males, either transgender or straight male to play a female sport is draconian and discriminative to the true female players. It is completely unfair to the females of the sports and eliminates females from being able to achieve the top places. Males that are transgender have more muscle and can build more muscle quicker than even the top female athlete can in their prime peak fitness.

What is worst to me is that these transgender males almost always seem to have been at the bottom of the male sports and only become transgender after learning they can transition. This is even when the bottom of the male sport is still much higher than the top of the female sports. On top of that, these transgender men are now allowed into the female locker rooms to shower and change in full view of the women. They hide nothing according to the link below, sometimes ensuring that the women can see.

So how is it that it is draconian for this law to be passed, yet perfectly okay for women to endure the conditions of men in their locker rooms?

As for the discrimination charge that Governor Gordon stated.

How is it possible that the law is discriminative against transgender males from being able to force themselves into female sports? These transgender males at no time were or are discriminated against by the same fact they can play men’s sports. In fact, as mentioned above, most of the already did. But instead of wanting to have true competition and have to work extremely hard to make the top seeds in their chosen sports, they decided to transition and play against women that they knew they could beat.

Now if you look at the other bills in the news stories above, you will find that each of the laws that took effect without the governor’s signature was a political problem for him. Really they were bills that he didn’t want to appear to be in support of. Take SF152 as an example, this bill was unsigned and became law. It was a bill that prohibits most forms of abortion with the exception of the cases of rape, incest, and health issues that may cause death to the mother. I fully support this law myself and am glad it became law also. Why didn’t the governor sign it into law? He did sign SF109 which prohibits the prescription of chemical abortion drugs. Where does he really lay on the issue of abortion?

As I stated above, he simply does not want to be tied to the signing of these bills to protect his political future. Does not matter if he can or can’t run again for the governorship of Wyoming again or not. No, it is a way for him to distance himself from laws that took effect so he can state he didn’t sign them into law.

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