Fifth Update – PSA Don’t become a Touron


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Once again I have another update to the PSA posts. In this update, we find the same unknown man that believes it is wise to tempt his fate to the lone black bear he taunts it.

Well, in this case, the black bear didn’t back down. Nope, instead the bear looks at the touron with some confusion and without any look of fear. This bear instead holds still and then starts to chase the man slowly down the small incline as the man realizes this bear is not running away. The man and his buddy can be heard saying, “Oh my God!” and a few f-bombs as the friend is rolling up the window.

Now what it appears to me is that when the man started to run back to his car it triggered the chase reaction that many predators have. However, it also appears that the bear was not running at full speed, to which this touron should feel very lucky. Has that bear been completely triggered to attack, I can’t say the car would still have a door on it or possibly a driver. Once again, this was a less aggressive black bear with no cubs around. I fear that if this touron continues to follow his trend, he will find that momma bear or the more aggressive grizzly.

As stated before, if you have information on this touron, please contact the National Parks Service if you know this man, or have information that will help catch him. Yellowstone National Park Tip Line at 307-344-2132 or

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