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I’m not sure how many times I have been told by people that support LBGTQ+ and whatever other letters that are now to follow the community, that all the transexual (I won’t use transgender anymore), gay, lesbian and etc movement is all about family. That there is nothing sexual about any of it. Well, the parades that happened this weekend in many major cities say something completely different.

I will say, that I have seen a few homosexual groups on TikTok and various other social media networks trying to remove themselves from this movement for the very same reason I am writing this post today. They see the same thing that I see, a perversion of the innocence of children. Gays Against Groomings for example have repeatedly exposed the sickness of the LBGTQ+ community and have rejected it as such. They have stated the same thing I have said, leave the children alone and let them grow up. Stop sexualizing and corrupting them. Remove the graphic pornographic LBGTQ+ books from school libraries and stop pushing the LBGTQ+ agenda on them. So no, this isn’t just the religious right versus the LBGTQ+, but people that truly want to protect our children against groomers that keep pushing their grooming onto children.

It was the Gays Against Groomers TikTok page that first alerted me to the news stories I posted, not some right-wing or Christian news site of the perverted displays of full male and sometimes female genitalia at various “Pride” parades. These were parades that walked down the streets of major cities like Seattle, San Fransico, Toronto, and Minneapolis. In the case of Minneapolis, it does appear there wasn’t full nudity but an overweight man walking the parade route in his underwear twerking to children. How is any of this not sexualizing the children and grooming them?

Who sponsors these parades? While I didn’t find who the majority of the sponsor were in these news stories… Well everyone’s most hated beer is a large sponsor to many of them. You got it right, BudLight was there to try to smooth over the uproar with the LBGTQ+ community. I guess they feel there is more money in that community than the major of the population. As for some of the other sponsors that I previously states in my related post Bud Light Still Doing It. That post has a number of Flagstaff Arizona businesses listed as sponsors to the Flagstaff Pride party.

In the end, we need to protect the children of this country. There is no reason a child should see nude men or women in any parade, book, or online. These perverts are nothing more than groomers that want to sexualize the children. To pretend or to keep your eyes closed to it is criminal.

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