Wyoming Senate Bill Passes Criminalizing Child Sex-Change Operations

News Story: Woman Disrupts Senate, Yells Obscenities After Bill Passes Criminalizing Child Sex-Change Operations

Big win for common sense in Wyoming.

Sure I just pissed off a bunch of people with my short statement of this being a big win. But when you are dealing with the lives of children that can be easily swayed into believing such things as the Tooth Fairy, no they can’t decide that they are the opposite sex than they were born with. So, yes I full support a ban on sex change operations or puberty blocking drugs for minors.

I will admit that I do not support the LGBTQ+ organization. I believe that organization is not an honest group of people. However, I will not ever treat people that are gay or transgender as a lesser person. I will not support violent attacks on them either.

The reason this is a big win for common sense and for the children of this country is because the children need to grow up and go through puberty to truly know who they are. This children don’t have a real understanding of what they are. As Bill Maher and Matt Walsh have both stated and I agree with them, at times child want to be pirates, dinosaurs, and pretty princesses. Well if it was that simple, why don’t we all identify as rich kings of the universe and it happen? Because wanting to be something does not make it so.

Let the children grow up, go through puberty and find themselves before we endorse irreversible surgeries and drugs destroy any possible normal life if they find they are not what they thought when they were 8 years old. Parents stop letting the child running the house and be parents. This goes for those parents that accept the furry fandom of child identifying as various animals. Playtime is fine to act like a cat, but in the the real world they need to be what the are, children.

What gets me the most is that so many parents will allow a child to make a huge life changing choice of changing genders, yet would never think they are old enough to vote, buy a beer, or start smoking. How can a parent think a child can or should make a choice of changing sexes is ok. Their are only two genders, or pronouns if you would like, Male and Female. There is no more than those two choices and it is reflected at birth by a penis or a virgia.

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