Bud Light Still Doing It.


Bud Light is still at it. In Flagstaff, Arizona, they are sponsoring the Pride in the Pines event which is labeled as an All Ages event, yet requires a guardian for anyone under the age of 16. On the event posters, it shows multiple performers in various sexualized poses and dress. If this was truly an all-ages event, why does it require any type of guardian for those under the age of 16?

Sexualizing children at any type of event is wrong. Just as it is wrong for a child to attend a strip show, it is wrong for children to attend a drag show that is sexualized in the same matter. If you want to have a drag show, that is your right, but don’t include children in the audience or as a performer.

I strongly encourage the readers of this post to boycott all the listed companies and their subsidiaries.

List of Pride in the Pines Sponsors:

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