Nashville Police Delaying Release of Covenant School Shooter’s Manifesto


The question of the day is why is the Metro Nashville Police Department delaying the Covenant School shooter’s manifesto. It has been over a month since the shooting and there have been multiple requests for the release of the manifesto from news agencies, political leaders on the state and federal levels, and political organizations. Yet, no release of the manifesto or any documents that pertain to the events of that horrible shooting.

According to the police department as of May 1, they are delaying this release due to a lawsuit that was filed by the Tennesse Firearms Association (TFA). This lawsuit stems from their repeated request for the release of the documents that the police department collected in its investigation. The same type of requests that other organizations and political representatives have been requesting for the past month.

Why the delay in the information that has been requested repeatedly by multiple organizations and people that spurred a lawsuit to obtain the very same documents? How does this make any sense to delay the release of the documents and then add court costs to the Tennessee taxpayers when the lawsuit is above the police releasing the documents? In my mind, it sounds like they are trying to delay the release because there may be something in the manifesto that has a darker implication in the reason the shooting even happened. They know that the lawsuit will actually delay the release even longer than if there was no lawsuit.

What are your thoughts on this delay? What could be the real reason for the delay?

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