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On Monday the Sweetwater County School District No. 1 held its board meeting and found itself packed with parents with questions. The questions pertain to the recent lawsuit that was filed against the school district by two parents that are suing for allegedly hiding their daughter’s gender transition from them.

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In the lawsuit, the parents’ Sean and Ashley Willey accuse the school district of helping their daughter to socially transition into a boy without their consent or knowledge and keeping it hidden from them. The lawsuit was filed in federal court on April 20 of this year.

As you may expect out of a school district and a pending lawsuit, they were not the most forthcoming with information to answer most of the questions of the audience. However, School Board Chairperson Carol Jelaco did defend the school district by saying, “I continue to believe in our superintendent and her leadership team here at our district. We stand behind them, and they have our full support and confidence.” She also stated, “no intention of attempting to try this suit in the court of public opinion,” and added, “Students are our first priority.”

I’m sorry, but how is hiding a child’s mental issues from their parents making the child a priority? Where exactly is it the government’s responsibility to overrule or hide a child from their parents right? This type of crap is straight out of Marxism, straight from the Communist Manifesto. There is no governmental right to one’s children unless you live in a place like China.

Jelaco continued, “we are determined to create the best possible learning environment while respecting individual and cultural differences. Our track record shows our success at doing just that.” I wish that was the truth. But let’s look at the best possible learning environment part of that comment. How much stress do you think was placed on that student to keep a secret of her transitioning each day? Was she able to actually complete her school work and walk the halls of her school without fear of her parents possibly picking her up? That really does not sound like the very best learning environment.

Let’s take the second part of that statement, “while respecting individual and cultural differences.” Really? How exactly are you teaching respect for individual and cultural differences by teaching a child to lie and hide things from their parents? What about the disrespect the district has towards the possible religious or cultural differences her family has compared to the teachers and the board? They don’t seem to have any respect for the differences in their own mind’s eye to anyone else’s cultural differences. If they did, they would not have disrespected the family’s beliefs.

When pressured to answer the questions, the school board suddenly had to go into a closed executive session for the next 90 minutes. They gave some BS about how they needed to go into the closed session to explain other topics for votes later in the meeting. I was on a governmental board in the past and can tell you that when we went into a closed session it was after all the public comments and reviews were done. During the closed session at the end of the public session is when the board members will have the private information explained and voted on. That is the normal way a board runs. But to hope and outwait the questions, you place it in the middle of the board meeting.

Is Wyoming the only state having these issues? Nope, our sister state to the south is also in a lawsuit now too. In that case, a Colorado school is being sued by Erin Lee for hiding the truth about an after-school “Art” club for her 6th grader. It ended up that this art club was really a gender studies club where students were explained how their feelings or discomfort with their bodies could mean they were transgender or queer. The art teacher went on to talk about polyamory and the various new labels. How these new labels could make them more likely to commit suicide and went on to go more in-depth about suicide.

There apparently was a presenter that allegedly spoke to these young children about puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and how their own parents were not safe people. Seems like a trend of these “educators” warning or outright telling children not to trust their own parents.

If my memory serves me correctly, the Nazis used that same tactic on the German children during the Nazi takeover of Germany. At that time, children were taught to turn their very own parents into the Nazi party. Many of those parents were never heard from again.

Are you seeing a pattern here? The left is trying to take over your children through the very education system that your tax dollars are forcing many to use. Yet many people make fun of the homeschooler. Some states have outright attempted to create laws where homeschooling is illegal or extremely hard to accomplish.

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