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Words can’t explain the stupidity of some people that have been warned repeatedly but still does something as dangerous and idiotic. There are a number of warnings posted everywhere along the boardwalks, in the newsletter that they hand you as you enter the park, and in signs in various places throughout the park while in Yellowstone warning against an act like this. Yet, these too people sum it up as how these tourons view all those warnings when replying to a member of the public also issuing a warning.

“Whatever man.”

After that warning, the person started to record the illegal event as a man and his possible daughter walk around the boardwalk handrail, down a slight sloop, and to the pool of 175-degree acidic water. She then attempts to reach out a few times before realizing she would need a helping hand. Her father then holds her hand over this pool of scalding water. This hot spring is not far from a hot spring where they found a foot floating in a shoe last year.

Thank God that his hand did not lose its grip on his daughter’s hand or the end of this video would have shown her rapid death as she is boiled alive and slowly dissolved in the hot acidic water. Instead, she lucked out and possibly only burned her finger while touching the water with her obvious comment, “It’s really hot!” and in obviously in pain as she walked away.

This attitude that these people seem to have is summed up in the comment the man stated, “Whatever man.” They simply believe they can do whatever they want and no one can tell them otherwise. They are probably the same ones that would sue at the drop of the hat if the events went south for them. They seem to think that these warnings and signs don’t apply to them for some reason or that their actions don’t just affect them. They don’t think about the people that have to see the possible end results, the people that have to risk their lives to save them, or their own families if they are hurt or killed. In this case today, it is also obvious that they don’t even worry about their own loved ones possibly dying in these moronic actions.

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