Month: December 2022

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How is a Basketball Player Equal to a Arms Dealer?

News Story: Talks Continue on Exchange of U.S. Ex-Marine Held in Russia – InterfaxSaudi Crown Prince brokered deal to swap WNBA star Brittney Griner for…

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Cancel this company and all that support this! American Girls!

News Story: Geniuses at American Girl push transitioning for Christmas, because being a ‘girl’ may not be ‘smart’ | Fox News Please stop supporting any…

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The Babylon Bee – Californians Move to Texas Playlist

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The Rail Strike… Let the Union and Company work it.

News Story: Why is there a possible rail strike? The rail union demands, explained – The Washington Post First let me say that I am…

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Joshua Heath is a Heretic with Sermon at Trinity College

Story: Sermon About Transgender Jesus Leads to Cries of “Heresy!” at Trinity College These pieces were created over a thousand years after Christ walked the…

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