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Sometimes Wildlife Just Doesn’t Care

News Story: Cowboy State Daily – Bison Goring Season In Full Swing: Two Attacks In Two States In Three Days I have been gone for…

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It’s All About Family…

News: I’m not sure how many times I have been told by people that support LBGTQ+ and whatever other letters that are now to follow…

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Bison Calf in Yellowstone
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Update – PSA Don’t become a Touron

Previous post: News: No sooner than I posted the original PSA no becoming a touron, than a tourist in Yellowstone doing just that. In this…

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We Are The Majority, Let’s Act Like It

News: According to a Washington Post-KFF poll the majority of American adults believe that gender is determined at birth and that biological males should not…

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UN Believes Minors Can Consent to Sex

News: Just the title of this post makes me sick to think that anyone could think minors can consent to having sex with an adult…

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California School District Keeping Secrets From Parents

News: Links: Straight out of the Orwellian worlds that once were only in the books and movies comes the headlines of a Mother that is…

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The Tolerant Again

News: Once again the tolerant left show its true colors again. When Riley Gaines attempted to attend a planned talk at the San Francisco State…

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The Push Protect Our Children

News: Since the story linked above took a very obvious approach to the passing of “anti-trans” laws being passed in many states, I figured I…

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Nashville Christian School Shooting

News: Yesterday was a day that no parent ever believes will happen to their children while in school. I woman entered The Covenant School in…

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Wyoming Governor… “Draconian and Discriminative”

News Stories: What would you think of a governor that refuses to sign a bill into law, but still allows it to become law? That…

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