UN Believes Minors Can Consent to Sex


Just the title of this post makes me sick to think that anyone could think minors can consent to having sex with an adult is ok. But reallyit should not surprise anyone that the UN or any other liberal organization would support this type of idea. These organizations have turned everything upside down in the world. From believing children as young as five can or even understands the concept of what the differences between a boy and a girl, or that only females can be mothers, why would the idea of minors now being able to consent to sex be any different?

In this world today we have let the lunatics in control. In a world where children who in most western countries can not vote, buy a beer, smoke, or join the armed forces, they can now pick their gender before they are five and now even consent to sex. At ages that the typical male penis would not just hurt a child that young, but possible tramatise them so bad that it would kills them… We now have the UN saying the child could consent to this torture. Of course, maybe that size of these men are why they think it is ok.

As the Washington Free Beacon states, this new UN “Human Rights” view of children echos organizations such as the North American Boy – Man Love Association. This organization is in the believe that men having sex with minor boys helps train them for the future. And yes, I said the UN’s Human Rights group was the ones thinking up this sickness. Nothing more than two pedophile organizations that support the sexual abuse of children and the sex trade.

These type of subjects really make me wonder how much more will the Lord allow to happen before the end times comes. How much furture down this evil and wickedness will I see in my live time before we start to correct the immoralities that the far left liberals are pushing?

How did we allow this sick people to gain control?

I have said it in the past and I will say it again… We need to leave the UN and its immoral and corrupt ways.

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