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Since the story linked above took a very obvious approach to the passing of “anti-trans” laws being passed in many states, I figured I would cover it from a conservative view.

While it is true that many states of either passed or are in the process of passing laws to protect the youth of the country, they are not targeting all transgender people. The fact is, the laws are only created to protect children from making life-changing and irreversible decisions and to keep their eyes innocent to the perversion that at one time would have thrown an adult in prison.

Banning “Gender Affirming” Care

What exactly is gender-affirming care? It is providing drugs to stop puberty, filling the person with hormones that promote the growth and changes to the opposite sex, and the surgical removal of sex organs and modeling what is left into the other sex. The “experts” keep lying that these gender-affirming treatments are fully reversible and the drugs only pause the changes caused during puberty. However, more detransitioning people have come out and stated all the health issues they have gone through. Most report that they were lied to and their parents were convinced that it was either they jump on board or their son or daughter would commit suicide.

From joints aching to the fact they now can not have children of their own, this now adults have found themselves with more mental health issues than before. Some have stated that they were convinced that because they liked to do things that are traditionally boy or girl things, they were actually a boy trapped in a girl’s body, or a girl in a boy’s body. Parents that could have just been loving parents explained that sometimes girls are tomboys or boys are just like girls things ran to a so-called professional that made things worst. A true professional would have helped the child to be ok with who they really were, body and mind. They would have let this child grow up first.

What is worst about gender-affirming care is that these experts and parents are listening to a child as young as 3. In fact, these same children have been given the power to decide they are the opposite sex and are in the same breath, too young to make other life-altering decisions. For example, when was the last time a 10-year-old could go buy a beer on their way to the tattoo shop for a full-back tattoo or a tramp stamp? Yet, these very young children that sometimes identify as animals, firefighters, and the president can say they are the opposite sex.

Links and Videos:

Notice in the video how she was not given any type of mental health care, just given drugs to start the changes. Thank God, she did not go through with the complete process. She also got to go through puberty unlike many children today.

True affirming care would be to help the child to be ok with themselves. To have them go through puberty and help them through the transition from a child to a teenager. Let them be ok with their bodies and their mind. In some cases of detransitioning people, they turned out to be gay or lesbian and now the opposite sex. The biggest point is, to let the children grow up.

Drag Bans, Not What You Think

The next section of the story was about the “Drag Bans”. While it sounds like the states have imposed an outright ban on drag shows, that is not the truth. What they have done is to make it so that children are not seeing perverted shows that in the past they would not have even been able to see. These shows are of men dressed in women’s clothes with extremely exaggerated breasts, short, short skirts, and even sometimes with sex toys. They give lap dances to very young children and the sick adults in the room encourage them to place money in the transvestite’s panties. I mean, can you imagine taking that same child to a strip joint? I sure couldn’t think of my father, let alone my mother taking me to one even as an adult.

The LGBTQ+ communities love to say that they are afraid to go outside and near a child. I call the BS! What most if not all these laws the state is the same, no drag shows in public places, schools, libraries, or religious buildings (Yes, some woke churches are embracing this stuff too.)

Here is a link to YouTube to see what exactly the drag shows are. It is the best way to let you catch the full sick behavior.

Bathroom and Sports Bans

I chose to combine the bathroom and sports “bans” because really the same issue is there. Boys need to remain in their own place. Just because someone believes they are the opposite sex than what they really do not mean they should use the bathroom or play sports of their “identity”.

In the bathroom or locker room, the boy is 100% different than the girls. No boy should ever be allowed to undress or be in a place where girls are changing or using the toilet. As one of Lia Thomas’ former teammates, Riley Gaines reported, they were expected to change right in front of a full-grown man as they undressed while he watched. There is no place safe for women if that is accepted.


Then there is the case of a high school boy the had already been in trouble with sexually assaulting girls being allowed to change schools. At the new school, he chose to be transgender and as such allowed to use the girl’s bathroom. As a result, this sexual predator raped a young girl in the bathroom.


So where is the worry about the girls and women of the nation today? I mean just those two situations are bad enough.

As for the sports ban, really it is not a ban at all. In fact, it really only prohibits boys, regardless of identity from playing girls’ sports. The simple fact is that boys are stronger and faster than their female counterparts. One of the biggest names in sports who is now transgender, Caitlyn Jenner is against boys joining girls’ sports for the very reasons I just mentioned. It has everything to do with the fair play and the safety of the girls.

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