Nashville Christian School Shooting


Yesterday was a day that no parent ever believes will happen to their children while in school. I woman entered The Covenant School in Nashville with the intent to kill children. As a father, I could never dream of such a nightmare happening to my children. My heart goes out to these parents and families that lost their loved ones at the hand of a mentally unstable person. The evil that must have been created in the mind of this woman is unthinkable, but very real in today’s world. I can only pray for the healing that God can give these families and pray for the sickness of this world to be banished from this world.

Sadly, instead of truly finding the real issues at hand or allowing the facts to come out, the media and the world started to point fingers at each other. I had some feelings yesterday after hearing about the shooting but unlike the media and the liberals that run most of them started a political war. They blame everything from the guns used on politicians, and the Tennessee drag show law that bans drag shows in the presence of children and in public places like schools. With few facts, they go right to a firestorm of hate.

At this point, the facts are pointing to a mentally ill woman that was being seen for an undisclosed emotional disorder who took a number of firearms to the school and killed 6 people. She appeared to have planned this attack in detail with handwritten maps, schedules, and a manifesto that was found in the car she drove to the school. She had earlier messaged Averianna Patton, a friend stating, “I’m planning to die today.” I would assume that the friend who received this message called the authorities in a panic. It is also being reported that this woman was a transgender male that may have attended the school years before and held resentment towards the school.

No one person will ever be able to tell you what was going on in her head at the time she planned to go to a school and kill innocent children. No person with the best education will or can ever know why a person plans such an evil event. The only answer is that we have kicked the Lord out of the world and our everyday life so that the devil can run throughout the day and create chaos and spin his lies.

What much of the left and media is telling in their news stories is that it was the guns, the transgender laws in Tennessee, the Republicans, and the Christians. Right from the point of the news of this horrible news came out, those on the left started pointing their fingers at everything. Calling for the banning of the guns used, even calling the handgun an assault weapon. Of course in this case it was an assault weapon, just like a knife or a baseball bat could be called an assault weapon. They started making jokes about how the school’s Christain prayers couldn’t save them. They pointed out that they didn’t pray hard enough or that there was no god. They blamed the Tennessee drag show law for the attack. A law that at no place bans drag shows for adults, just for children to be protected from them.

Even President Biden did not take the shooting seriously, just watch the video of his response: (First video is a newscast from Australia. Second video is the full CSPAN recorded video.)

What are the reasons that these mass shootings continue?

While the left always blames the guns, and won’t stop until they have all the guns in only the government’s hands. The true reason for these horrible events is because of mental health and the overreaching of gun control. When comes to the mental health issue the left just keeps sweeping it under the rug. The transgender and pro-nouns issue of the day is an example of this. Instead of ensuring that people that are confused about their sex and sexuality get true help before giving them drugs to stop puberty and performing life-changing operations. They have chosen to accept these ideas instead. They have given into men taking over women’s sports, and people identifying as various animals. In my own area, I have heard about a family that wanted their kids to be able to identify as cats with litterboxes in the school.

Of course, the biggest thing they like to point their finger at is firearms. They love to blame the firearms for the mass shooting and not the person holding the firearm. Before it was only the evil AR-15 with its scary plastic parts that make it an assault rifle. Now, however, they are now calling any semi-automatic handgun an assault weapon. The fact is a spoon can be an assault weapon if the person holding it uses it as a weapon. I guess it is almost like they are placing a new identity on the inanimated object to make them feel better. When in fact it is the person holding that weapon that is the issue.

Sadly, the biggest issue is that we went from a society that once valued hard work and owning up to your own responsibilities to a world where a simple word is a cause for an emotional breakdown. A world where everyone gets a trophy and no one loses. When political correctness first started to be a thing in my younger years I realized it was a horrible thing. It allowed people to blame everyone else for their own problems. It made it so that your problems were never something you did and to fix them, someone had to give you something in return. If you were broke, it was because the right job wasn’t given to you so you didn’t work. So, today, a person that needs mental help is not blamed for the mass shooting, but an inanimate object is.

So who is to blame for this mass shooting? The shooter alone is to blame first and foremost. Maybe the doctor that didn’t report to the authorities of her emotional state is a close second. But the last reason to blame is the laws that prevent honest people from being able to protect themselves or others. The gun control laws create these gun-free zones that create a super soft target for murderous people. These laws keep the good guy from being able to carry their gun in places like schools. Just in the last year, there was a small shooting that ended and saved many lives, and a good guy with a gun took the shooter out quickly. The funny thing is the very people who hate this idea will be the first to say that only police should have guns. Yet turn right around in the next breath and blame all police for abuse.

Lastly, I want to thank those in the Metro Nashville Police Department for risking their lives and entering the school so quickly. Your actions saved lives as you walked into the unknown. You faced the ever-so-real possibility of entering the school and your family never seeing you again. God bless you all.

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