We Are The Majority, Let’s Act Like It


According to a Washington Post-KFF poll the majority of American adults believe that gender is determined at birth and that biological males should not play in women’s sports.

Per the poll, 57% of American adults believe gender is assigned at birth and 43% believe a person can change their gender later. While on the sports issue, 65% of American adults do not believe biological males should play in women’s sports while 34% believe that biological males should be allowed to play in women’s sports. In the area of youth sports, the numbers are not really that much different with 62% do not believe biological males should play girl’s sports while 37% believe that they should be allowed to play girl’s sports.

When it comes to gender-affirming counseling or therapy, they didn’t define the term in what “counseling, or therapy” means, 62% of American adults support it for kids aged 10 to 14. When it comes to the use of puberty blockers, 68% were against it. In the ages of 15 to 17, 66% supported gender-affirming counseling or therapy, and 52% were against the use of puberty blockers.

33% of American adults believe that it was inappropriate for teachers to discuss transgender identities with students in high school while 64% believed it was ok.

As my title stated, “We Have The Majority, Let’s Act Like It.” This means we have more power to punish companies that want to keep this sick and perverted exercise of mutilating children. Stopping their progression into adulthood by lying to them that everything is reversible. Stop buying from these companies that use these transgender women to sell female hygiene products that they can never use themselves or make-up, clothes, or play in sports that take away from true women the opportunity to achieve life dreams.

We did it with Anheuser Busch, let’s keep it moving to other companies.

Dave Seminara has a site with them listed. Please check the list and boycott companies on it that you can. He has them broken down into 3 lists. #1 Those that oppose voting integrity laws. #2 covers companies that oppose “Don’t Say Gay Laws” or in my words, “Protect Our Kids” #3 those that support the LBGTQ+, BLM, and abortion rights.

Dave Seminara https://daveseminara.com/complete-list-of-woke-companies-condemning-so-called-racist-voting-laws

You may not be able to boycott them all due to where you live or other personal reasons, but it is better to try to boycott as many as possible and maybe even write the boards for the companies to let them know.

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