The Tolerant Again


Once again the tolerant left show its true colors again.

When Riley Gaines attempted to attend a planned talk at the San Francisco State University it ended up her being assaulted and backed into a corner. The supposed “peaceful protest” was a protest against the controversial topic of trans rights in female sports. Riley was there to provide her experiences of why trans-women should not be in female sports. She has reported in the past her experience of having to change in the same locker room as Lia Thomas and face removal from the team if she complained.

So it ended up that Riley had to flee the “peaceful protest” after being assaulted by a trans-woman with a blow to her shoulder and one that glanced at her face. Security surrounded her and escorted her to a room for her protection. At that time she had to wait until the “peaceful protest” was disbanded and she could safely escape the mayhem.

Now, this brings us to the issue of the Wyoming sorority members that are suing their sorority for allowing a trans-woman to join. They have requested and were denied anonymity on the grounds of safety. However, now that it is being proven that the transgender community appears to be less tolerant than they originally believed, maybe they should be given that anonymity.

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