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Who is the Hero?

Shared from my other site: Little Slices of Me They call me a hero for being one of the few who raised their hands.Young and…

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Bison Calf in Yellowstone
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Update – PSA Don’t become a Touron

Previous post: News: No sooner than I posted the original PSA no becoming a touron, than a tourist in Yellowstone doing just that. In this…

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Wyoming Governor… “Draconian and Discriminative”

News Stories: What would you think of a governor that refuses to sign a bill into law, but still allows it to become law? That…

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The war in the education system in America has many fronts, from sex education, rewriting history, teaching acceptance of everything sexual, and teachers that indoctrinate…

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Not a Hero – Kaepernick

Shame on you Brett Favre! Shame on you for calling someone that knelled during the National Anthem as a hero. He did nothing to better…

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