The war in the education system in America has many fronts, from sex education, rewriting history, teaching acceptance of everything sexual, and teachers that indoctrinate the children assigned to them into liberal thought ideologies. I am sure that right now I have a few readers chopping at the bit to unleash their anger for my one sentence. Those readers have closed off their minds and are now just ready to destroy everything I write from this point on.  

The first issue with the current primary and secondary education system is that they no longer teach the subjects they should. I do not mean every teacher does this, but social media sure has a bunch of teachers that brag about what they teach our kids.  It would be ok if they were boasting that they helped little Johnny learn how to spell, or Sally how to complete an Algebra equation. Those things would be fine, but nope, many are on TikTok, YouTube, and various other social media platforms bragging about teaching your kindergartners the “pride” pledge instead of the Pledge of Allegiance or how to use non-binary pronouns. Go ahead and check the latest TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube Shorts, I’ll wait for you to return.  

This does not stop at only the primary schools K-12, but also at the college and university level as well. These schools have many instructors using their teaching platform to give political speeches that have nothing to do with the class they are teaching. Then we expect these students to leave with a 4- or 8-year degree having learned the actual major they choose. Only to find that they came out of college without knowing the stuff they really needed to use that major. Sadly, there is proof of this on YouTube also, just search for “Ask college students questions.” You will either be dumbfounded or simply in tears.  I have included a few links for you here to start with:

In some cases, it outright makes me think of the book “1984” by George Orwell. In that book, the people were trained by the government to only think what the government told them was true. They were not to think on their own ever, and if they did, they would be retrained. Two examples from the book would be the idea of 2 + 2 = 5 and the view of sex. Granted there are many other ideas in the book that I could use.   

Let us start with the 2 + 2= 5 ideas first. In this simple idea, the government has taught the nation that the equation’s wrong answer is the only answer and that no one can question the idea. That the government and the overlords of the nation are the only truth holders. In fact, much like President Biden had suggested a Disinformation Board (Joe Biden’s Disinformation Board Likened to Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’), the government in 1984 had an office of the Ministry of Truth. In this office, they would search for people that would try to find the real truth and then torture them into compliance. They had cameras and listening mics everywhere, even in one’s own home. If you were caught damaging them, you would be sent to the re-education center also. No, President Biden did not go as far with the idea as the book had, he only suggested the idea of an office of truth.  

The important thing about this idea of 2 + 2 = 5 is that the government forced people to believe the untruth as truth. This is much like that of a person’s pronoun. Neither of those is true, but the push in the education system is doing just that. In the case of the pronouns goes, they are teaching our children that if you feel a certain way to can be that. Biology to them has nothing to do with what you are. They go as far as to say you can have pronouns that have no meaning at all, in fact, you can randomly change them at any moment. Examples of these pronouns are “they”, “them”, and “Zem”. The sad thing is pronouns like “they” and “them” have already been in grammar for well over a century but suddenly can be used as a singular pronoun when it comes to gender.  They are teaching, to the complaint of parents and many girls, that you must agree that a biological male can be a female and compete in the same sports as the biological females. According to these people, that person is now a full female and will be addressed as such, even in the locker room. However, there are some transgenders that completely disagree with this logic. For example, Caitlyn Jenner is one such transgender that doesn’t believe men or boys should be allowed to compete in women’s and girls’ sports. (Caitlyn Jenner’s Comments on Trans People in Sports Spark Discussion) Check out these videos of women that have had to share the locker rooms with transgender men:

Lia Thomas EXPOSED | Guest Riley Gaines

There are also many stories of teachers pushing the “white privilege” ideology too. They are teaching the children that every person that is white is privileged regardless of social class. Really what they have taught the children is that all minorities will never amount to a hill of beans and white kids just by color alone are superior to them. This, in turn, has caused many minority groups to abuse white kids and adults because they are at fault for everything that has gone wrong in the world. This is coming from the same people that hold people like Martin Luther King Jr up as a beacon and role model for blacks, all the while forgetting this same man said, “I have a dream that my children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Yet, teaching that one race is greater than the other does nothing but spread hate and discontent for each other.  But why would they want to teach this to children? 

This leads us to the way they are trying to teach our children from grade school to university an alternative to real history. They do not teach the true facts of how this country was created or the true facts of slavery. Instead, they leave out major facts that place a dark shade over only one race. They leave out the fact that slavery has been around and is still happening in the world today. They leave out the fact that slavery has been used by every race and nation in the world at one time or another. A recent Disney TV show called “The Proud Family” (Slaves Built this Country – The Proud Family) attempted to spread these lies. Yes, it is a sad part of the nation’s history that slavery was part of America, but it was not the Americans who kidnapped the men and women in Africa. No, it was the various tribes in Africa that kidnapped their enemies and sold them to the Portuguese. No European countries went into Africa and hunted for slaves. Check out the following about slavery: A Short History of Slavery

Even before America started using slaves, many other countries in the world used slavery. Arabs enslaved Jews and Europeans, African tribes enslaved each other, and Asian countries also enslaved other Asian countries. None of it was or is right. According to the International Justice Mission there are 50 million people in slavery worldwide and it generates about $150 billion dollars a year. Two-thirds of that money comes from commercial sexual exploitation. Have you seen any of those people that protest the US or demand reparations even mentioning those injustices?  

Another form of changing our history to meet their agenda is to vilify all our American heroes. Sure, I can say that some had some bad ideas or owned slaves at the time they were alive. I can 100% say that many of the heroes had major flaws. Yet, without them, we would not be the freest nation in the world. Or at least we used to be. For example, George Washington, our first President, and war hero is held up extremely high in American history as an example of what it means to be an American. He was a man that could have been a dictator and the first king of the newly formed America. Yet, he placed the people of the new nation above himself and rejected the power within his grasp. He did not accept a paycheck for the position of president until after he was told it would leave the position open to only the rich if the position did not collect a paycheck. He also was the only president that owned slaves and set them free. Yet, those that want to change this nation into a woke haven only want to focus on his owning slaves. 

Now they are also trying to erase our history by way of changing classic books like “Charlie and Chocolate Factory” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl, and other books are written by him. In the latest edition, they have removed words or phrases that today they consider inappropriate. Anything that refers to a person’s weight, size, color, etc. has been removed and replaced with fewer “threatening” words. But as Matt Walsh stated in one of his shows, in today’s world we are getting told fat is beautiful and healthy and nothing to be ashamed of, so is there really a need to change the books? 

Yet, it does not stop there with the censorship of books. Nope, they are also after the Ian Fleming “James Bond” series of books also. I mean, how dare a book offend anyone ever? This is just another way of burning books, just not actually burning books because then people would see the action for what it is. Plus, if they quietly rewrite these classics and no one notices… Well, that is just the icing on the cake. Makes you really wonder how long before they rewrite Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, or Shakespeare’s McBath, or Romeo and Juliet?  

Here are a few news stories that covered these changes:

Surely, of all the subjects in school, they will not be able to change is math. But they already started that over 4 years ago with Common Core. I remember when this came out and my kids needed help doing their homework. My oldest was already in high school but the younger ones were in elementary school still. They brought this “NEW” math to my wife and me looking for help. It was simple problems doing basic adding and subtracting. Yet, the Common Core method would not allow my kids to simply add and subtract the problem but do some weird shifting of the numbers. This then only gave them an estimated answer and not the real one. We attempted to help them by doing the problem normally and they got the answers wrong according to the teacher. It really was like the “1984” way of doing math, 2 + 2 = 5. 

Really the biggest issue in the education system today is that they are trying to make Americans ashamed of the nation. They are teaching kids that if you are a minority and your parents are not successful, it is all because of someone else. They are teaching them to make excuses for their place in life regardless of whether there are many role models out there that have succeeded. They are teaching white children that all the ills of the world were because of them. That they are no good because of their race. Gone are the days when schools would teach children to respect each other and that if you work hard you will succeed. They are teaching kids that whatever the government says is good and right and that they should kneel before the government. It is about controlling the next generation. 

What they are trying to teach kids to have pride in, is sex and sexuality. There are teachers that take pride in teaching their preschoolers and kindergartners the gay pride pledge over the Pledge of Allegiance. (Teacher removed US flag from class, encouraged students to pledge to gay pride banner) (Orange County Teacher’s TikTok Video Raising Concerns) Many school libraries now fight to have perverted and downright adult books in libraries for K-6. And when I mean adult, they are graphic novels written to explain how sexuality with very graphic images. Here are a few of them that are being sold on Amazon as a reference below:

What is worst is when teenage children have to go to the school boards to complain about the books and libraries pushing them. Here are examples of those boards:

These books are not for a simple explanation of sexuality, but for the indoctrination of our children into the sexual fetishes of perverts. If these were about heterosexual sex the books would not be available to children of any age.

Yet, it even goes further than the children being taught imaginary new pro-nouns. Some teachers and schools have adopted policies to hide children that have decided to change their gender from their parents. This is wrong for several reasons, first the mental health of a child that may need help. By hiding this information, the school and teacher have placed this child in harm’s way because there may be deeper issues that the teacher cannot see. Instead, the teacher takes this information to social media to provide how important the teacher is for supporting a child’s confusion and brags about keeping this information away from the parents. Here are some videos of teachers bragging about what they are doing:

The second reason that these teachers and schools are wrong for hiding this information is that the school and teachers have no authority to hide information or take away a parent’s right to raise their children according to their beliefs. Really this reminds me of how the government used to take Native American children away from their parents and tribes and place them into Indian Schools thousands of miles away. They forced these children to learn the white man’s ways and beliefs. During those times many of these children died and were buried without their parent’s knowledge. Some died from illness, others from beatings. While there may not be children being beaten to believe they are these different pro-nouns, they are being isolated from their families through lies. In time, this isolation is worse for the child’s mental health than talking to their parents. 

Bottomline is that parents need to get involved with their children’s education. Stop using public schools as babysitters until your child is an adult. Know who and what your children’s teachers are about. And as much as I would hate to say it, stop letting your children have free access to TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. There are many sick people out there preying on your children.

Here are a couple of examples

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