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This morning the House was able to pass the H.R.5 Parents Bill of Rights Act. As expected, the Democrats were almost 100% a no vote to this bill. There were a few Republicans that also voted no or did not vote at all on this bill. The vote count was 213 – 208 with 14 Not Voting. You will find the actual vote by the member at the bottom of the page.

What exactly is H.R.5 Parents Bill of Rights?

Really this bill is an expansion of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. What it does is increase the right of a parent to review their children’s school curriculum and reading lists and require schools to inform and notify parents if school staff encourage or promote their child’s gender. It does not create a way to ban books as the left wants to make the American public. It requires schools to allow parents to know if their child is using pro-nouns other than their biological sex or is privately transitioning. Really, it does nothing more than allow parents to be parents and guide their children according to their beliefs.

This is something that really should not have ever been an issue. Schools do not have the responsibility to take the primary role of a parent or promote moral values over a parent. Really, if we start to have a government that allows schools to be the primary role of a parent, then we are no longer a free country. The fact is, while people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez call this bill fascist, it really is doing the exact opposite. It actually is removing the powers of the government over the citizenry and gives the citizenry the power over the government. And really, what the left is wanting is fascism in that they are demanding power over the children and removing the rights of the parents.

The fact that there have been schools that were promoting and hiding a child’s gender confusion from parents really highlights this fact. These “educators” hiding something like that really could be a sign of a child that needs help from their parents for health issues that are underlining the situation. Those “educators” that hide this from the parents also do not know or understand the values or possible issues, good or bad, in the home. The fact is that because these “educators” have no idea of the true situation at home, could really make matters worst. If the student is suicidal, adding a lie or hiding information from their parent could actually be worst for the student. Not to mention, teenagers go through many phases and many are confused enough about who they are, why should an “educator” that is only there for a year be able to convince a child they are transgender?

Is this bill going to make it through the Senate?

Not according to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. No, he is planning on keeping it on his desk and as he says,” will not see the light of day.” He also called the bill “Orwellian to the core.” This makes me wonder if he has ever read the book 1984, written by George Orwell because not passing it is more “Orwellian” than not signing it. Since schools have already proven that they didn’t want the parents involved in their children’s education and some wanted to hide some children’s pro-nouns use at school, that is more in line with the Orwellian world of 1984.

In the book, no one had children. Children were in fact only created through artificial insemination. Once born, children were raised by the government and taught only what the government wanted to teach them. Once you became an adult the government then assigned you your job. You didn’t question anything the government would teach you. One of those things was 2+2=5, and you did not question it. If you did question the government’s truths, then you would go to a reinstruction camp.

So the bottom line here is, this bill is not some Orwellian bill that gives some overseer power. But to the contrary, it gives that power to the parents to raise their children as they see fit, as it has been for over 200 years of this country.


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Wilson D-FL, No			Coleman D-NJ, No	Strickland D-WA, No		
Schultz D-FL, No		Stansbury D-NM, No	Pocan D-WI, No		
Bishop D-GA, No			Vasquez D-NM, No	Moore D-WI, No		
Johnson D-GA, No		Meeks D-NY, No			
Williams D-GA, No		Meng D-NY, No			
McBath D-GA, No			Velázquez D-NY, No			
Scott D-GA, No			Jeffries D-NY, No			
Case D-HI, No			Clarke D-NY, No			
Tokuda D-HI, No			Goldman D-NY, No			
Jackson D-IL, No		Nadler D-NY, No			
Ramirez D-IL, No		Espaillat D-NY, No			
García D-IL, No			Ocasio-Cortez D-NY, No			
Quigley D-IL, No		Torres D-NY, No			
Gallego D-AZ, Not Voting	Palmer R-AL, Not Voting
Mullin D-CA, Not Voting		Bucshon R-IN, Not Voting
Costa D-CA, Not Voting		Nunn R-IA, Not Voting
Moskowitz D-FL, Not Voting	Johnson R-LA, Not Voting
Kelly D-IL, Not Voting	
Cleaver D-MO, Not Voting	
Fernandez D-NM, Not Voting	
Blumenauer D-OR, Not Voting	
Castro D-TX, Not Voting	
Cuellar D-TX, Not Voting	

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