The War

What exactly is the war?  

Well, that is a big answer that covers a number of issues. These issues all have one thing in common, they use minorities and children as pawns. The enemy in these battles either downplays the minority or pulls the heartstrings of people, and if you are on the wrong side the issue… Well, you are called everything from racist, trans, or homophobic, an Uncle Tom if you are black when it comes to racism, white privileged if you are white, or sometimes just uneducated. 

I, a half-bred white and Mexican have been called several things too. In fact, when the BLM movement first started to gain steam, I had an old friend post on Facebook that he was going to unfriend all people that did not believe in the movement. He lives in Utah and was a coach for a high school at the time. I challenged him on his post, and he outright seemed confused that I could not side with him because of my Mexican half. I stated that because of my father’s hard-working ethics is why my father made a good life for us. He taught me and my sisters that there is racism that may and possibly will tear us down but ignore them and move on. He sent my oldest sister to college as the first one in our family to do so. My uncle likewise sent my cousin to college, and she now has a doctrine in education from a Mexican and Italian bloodline. Sadly, she is on the liberal side of this topic and pushes the liberal agenda in California.

Long story short, my former friend ended up telling me that I was wrong and only jealous of BLM because it was not about my race. Because the fact that my Mexican race was not being promoted, I was jealous of the BLM movement. He however had no words as to why I was against illegal immigration or the fact that I wanted the wall to be built on the American and Mexican border. He couldn’t explain why I would want the wall to be built when my grandfather was a Mexican immigrant as is my mother-in-law. It really dumbfounded him that I could believe in those things.  When the fact is simple, I support legal immigration and not illegal (criminal) immigration. That I find illegal immigration to the country a slap in the face of those that went through the proper processes to enter the country and in time earn their citizenship if they so choose to.

Needless to say, he unfriended me and blocked me on Facebook.  

So, what are the battles of this war over “wokeism”? They are Education, Race, Politics, Religion, and Sexuality. These battles go against the very morals of the country and are corrupting our children to believe in false history and false science.  

In the case of race, the issue is a new stroking of the fires that I thought were gone or so close to it. I remember as a child living in California almost never seeing true racism. Yet when my family would travel to Mississippi to visit my grandfather on my mother’s side of the family, well you could slice it with a knife. I remember going to the local market and watching aisles where there was a black family getting their stuff and seeing white men and women waiting at the end. Not one of them would enter that aisle until the black family exited. My grandfather did not care and would walk right in, say hello to the family and grab what he needed. I never once saw him be mean or pushy to the black families. I once asked him why the whites would enter the aisle. He said that some people just cannot get over themselves.  

When you investigate the issues in education, that really does not make sense to me since education should be about children going to school to learn their ABC’s, reading, writing, math, and history in grade school. Not once when I went to school as a child know if my teachers were married, had kids (unless they were my friends), were gay, or whatever. Even in high school, I had one teacher that really helped me learn history. He was a great teacher that taught me about slavery, the stock market crash, and the various wars America had fought. He covered each subject thoroughly, the good and bad of the US and other countries. Now having him as a Facebook friend I have come to realize that he is one of the most liberal teachers that was in my high school at the time. Today, we sometimes argue about issues and most of the time do not agree with each other. The point is, he did not try to indoctrinate us to believe in his political values or anyone else’s values. To be perfectly honest, I was shocked to find him being such a big liberal after the way he was as a teacher back in the day. I can only hope he is still teaching the way he taught my class and letting the current group of kids grow in their own beliefs.  

Before I move into the battles, I would like to share a Bible verse that I believe is key that the people of this and other countries have missed. Those that keep falling for the worldviews and abandon the truth. 

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2 (ESV) 

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