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Recently in my little town of Lovell, Wyoming, I was informed of a new family that moved in from California. While many in the area are somewhat worried whenever people from California move into the area, they tend to welcome everyone with open arms. I know this personally because I am from California and witnessed the kindness of the people here. I was trying to escape California after my family lived in Tehachapi, California for three generations and started to see liberalism moving into Tehachapi. Everyone would jokingly ask if I was “one of those” Californians. I would reply, “Nope, we are from one of the few conservative and sane counties.”

So, why am I writing about this new family?

That is because this family has a couple of kids that identify as cats in elementary school. I’m not saying that they pretend to be cats, or are under the age of 5 and play as if they are cats. Nope, these kids identify as cats and attend the local school here and want to be addressed as such in all fashions. I have been told they hiss and meow at other kids, as well as respond to the teacher that way also. They also want to have litter boxes placed in the bathrooms to accommodate their needs and have taken the issue to the school board. No date to which the Big Horn School District #2 has added the topic to the agenda.

So how should the school deal with this situation?

Of course, I know there may be a small group, probably the family of the kids, that will say that they should be welcomed with open arms…


First, if these kids identify as cats, why are they going to school and not out catching mice or clawing up the living room sofa? Schools are to teach children English, Math, Science (something I feel the parents may have missed in school), and hygiene. Exactly how would these subjects be taught to the children when you have a kid in the back hissing at the student at the next desk?

Second, the whole litterbox idea… Just gross and no custodian should have to deal with a litterbox with human feces and urine. Not to mention it would be considered a bio-hazardous material. Maybe the mother should have to come in every time the “kitten” uses it.

Third, this is a sign that the parents that are allowing this to happen need to have some type of psychological help. Sure my kids pretended to be cats or dogs, sometimes even horses, but they were not allowed to come to dinner, go to school, or anywhere else and think that they were those things. Heck, if it was that simple, I think I will identify as the king of the world and everyone must pay me 45% of their pay.

The simple truth is that this world has allowed the weak mind people of the world to start running things. They have been allowed to change history, and change science without any scientific truths to confuse the children about the realities of biology. One person can not be an animal other than a human, and no one person can change their gender to the other because they “feel” like it.

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