California – Making Crime Easier

News Story:
California Considers Banning K-9s Because They Might Bite Criminals; Wyoming Official Calls It Ridiculous
New California bill would ban K-9 officer arrests, crowd control
Mobs of looters are grabbing goods in California thanks to downgraded shoplifting laws

California should change its state motto more like this, “Home the lawless because we don’t want to offend.”

Really that is the direction that the state of California is going with its pro-crime laws. Most states try to make it harder on the criminals in their states. Not California, nope they make it easier and always say that the old laws were racist. They were racist because they only affected the black and brown communities.

They have laws rejecting the idea of voter ID by saying it is too hard for minorities to obtain one. Never mind that an ID is required to buy a beer. So either someone illegally supplies beers to the minority communities or they have them. Being a half-breed Mexican and white, I have many family members that have never complained to me that they couldn’t get an ID from either side of my family.

Really the whole voter ID issue is very insulting and belittles the minority community as being stupid, lazy, or ignorant of how the system works.

Then a couple of years ago they changed the shoplifting laws. They say that the law was targeting poor and minority communities. That’s right, they once again used race as a reason why people shoplift. So, according to those left-wing liberals in California who don’t think those two communities can or will find good jobs, they changed the shoplifting laws. Now in the state of California, you can shoplift up to $1,000 of merchandise without fearing jail time. Since that time the number of shoplifting has gone up and somehow most shoplifters never have more than $1,000.

So, now the newest law that the California left-wing liberals have come up with is to ban police K-9s. Or at least make it so they won’t bite anyone. They are using the opinion that it is too reflective of the slavery of the past. The same slavery that no one today was alive to see. Yet, these dogs have saved many more people from being killed on both sides of the criminal and police officer confrontations. Police use these dogs to keep from resorting to shooting a criminal and protecting the officers. If this tool is taken away, there will be more criminals being shot. All this law will do is make it so that criminals have less fear of the police and be more willing to commit crimes.

What I really find sad is that each of these laws or ideas really belittles minorities. Each of them uses the excuse and reasonings as to why we need them because minorities are either uneducated, poor, has flashbacks to a time that they were not alive, or are just too lazy.

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