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As a Navy Vet, I can not tell you how much I believe the Navy’s new recruitment ads go against the standards that the Navy used to have. My time in the Navy was about”Honor, Courage, Commitment, and Tradition” At least it started out that way in my first four years. The second four years they dropped the “Tradition” from the saying. Of course, that was what they said, even though the 13 buttons on the dress blues had to stay because of the “Tradition”

One thing that had never changed in the Navy was that we were not supposed to be a group of individuals but a team of shipmates trained and ready to fight for our nation and defend the Constitution against our enemies, foreign and domestic. It did not matter what sex you were or if you were gay or straight. We had regulations set down that we could be held against in or out of uniform. We each knew that we had joined the service and were to uphold the image of the American Fighting Man or Woman.

Today, well it would appear that the Navy is more interested in a force that is more woke and out of shape than ready to fight our enemies. Enemies that did not bow down to the Woke agenda. Countries that pretty much remove all human rights from their service members in forced military service. They don’t weaver from their military fitness, dress, or conduct by force of the gun if deemed necessary.

Since my time in the Navy, I have seen and read about lowered standards to enter almost all the branches of service. From run times to body fat requirements, they have made their standards softer and softer. But now, using transgenders to be the face of the Navy is beyond ridiculous. This does not bring a better more cohesive fighting force. It does not bring a stronger team but does create division in the branch.

Does this mean I think a transgender person can’t serve in the military? Not at all. But just as when I was in the Navy, you belong to the Navy and must meet the standards and uphold those standards on or off the base. There should be only two genders and those are dependent on your biological sex and not a feeling.

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