(This is a blog series on the current Woke ideology of America. I am currently unsure how long this series will last at this time. Once it is completed, it will be turned into an e-book and possibly a paper book.)

As I am sure you have never heard of me, I must say that I am writing this because of my desire to bring America back to the greatness it once was. I am not a highly educated professor, or politician, or hold a Ph.D. from some ivy league university. No, I am simply a Navy veteran from a small town in California with an AAIT degree. I now reside in Wyoming to escape the liberalism that was starting to invade my hometown of Tehachapi. But I do have one thing that is in short order these days, common sense. 

Sure, that opening paragraph does not tend to give me much creditability in the scheme of things in a world that overvalues a piece of paper over actual experience. I piece of paper that in today’s world is brought to you by people who would rather indoctrinate the student with their views over the actual subject matter the student is in the classroom for. Schools have placed more attention on cultural diversity and inclusion than on the actual degrees they issue out. 

I am sure that at this point if you are still reading this, believe that you know I must be a conservative, Trump and MAGA supporter. You are partly right in that assumption. I am a conservative and I do want to make America Great Again, but not really a Trump supporter. I am a Constitutional Conservative. I support the Constitution as the law of the land. I believe no federal or state government should be able to modify the rights that were written in the Constitution with the whelm of their heart’s desire or the lobbyist pocketbook.  

I also believe that a very important part of the Constitution needs to be changed back to the original written Constitution. A change that most Americans don’t even realize was done. This change was made during President Woodrow Wilson’s presidency on April 8, 1913. The change that I am speaking of was the 17th amendment which changed the way the Senate was appointed to a popular vote. Before this change, senators were elected by the state legislatures of the individual states. This gave the states a voice in the way the federal government created laws and protected the state governments from federal overreach. Today, because both the House and Senate are elected by popular vote the senators have no reason to ensure state rights are protected. This in turn gives the federal government the power to withhold funding from state governments for important programs like education with no real form of regress from the states. But this is something that I will address more in the chapter “Educate Yourself”.  

Now, does my political alignment really matter to this subject of “wokeism”? No. Regardless of what many on the left side of the political aisle say, this is more about what is right and wrong. There are some on the left that I believe would agree with some of what I am writing. True, that is an exceedingly small percentage compared to those on the right. And yes, there are some on the right that falls into this “woke” ideology thinking that I am writing about also.  

Now I will tell you that regardless of what side of the political aisle you stand on, all the “wokeism” has turned into political attempts to gain votes. For a short example, the BLM organization capitalized on police shooting to achieve the black votes for Democrat politicians while collecting millions and buying multi-million-dollar homes. If the movement was really about the black intercity, why didn’t they send those millions to the schools and promote healthy and good children’s activities to help the children move forward towards better careers? There are plenty of examples that I will cover later. 

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