Fairness Lies

Please listen to the video attached of Thomas Sowell. It is a great explanation of where we have accepted the lies of the fairness agenda from the left.

What are the lies of the fairness agenda that the left pushes on us, and especially on the children of the country? The easiest answer is that we need to lower standards to include the person that can’t seem to obtain the current standards. It is the same thing as the participation trophy for everyone idea. This idea simply pushes people to be lazy and accept defeat.

I am sure that right now I have a number of people reading this and thinking I just don’t understand. That I just don’t get that there are some people that just can’t make it with the current standards and that is unfair. Well, I will say that it is complete and utter BS. I will agree that there are many people that have issues or come from a background that makes it harder to succeed in school, sports, the workplace, etc. I will also tell you that in my life I have found that if you let yourself believe that, you are going to fail at everything you do. I believe I am an example of that.

How do I believe I am an example of that? When I was in school I was horrible at spelling and writing, I sometimes still believe that. So, from an earlier age, I figured college was not something I would ever be able to do, let alone even come close to thinking of many things I have done in my life. I knew that I was going to go into the service and probably after that just find a job I could work. I thought this because of myself, my teachers, and my parents on the other hand never tried to make things easy on me. But after boot camp, I started to look back and see what I had achieved in high school and boot camp.

What was it that I had done to that point? Looking back I saw that I was one of the smallest football players on the team, from youth football to high school. Yet, in youth football, I played center and nose guard. Then in high school, I went on to play center and defensive end at a whopping 135lbs. I didn’t make excuses, just learned how to play those positions against guys that outweighed me by 50 to 100lbs or more. In my worst subject, English, I went from believing I was an idiot because my spelling and grammar were so bad, to learning that I liked to write poems and short stories (something I am trying to do more of). It took one teacher, Mr. Richards to show me where I thrived in his class.

Years later I attended college and earned my AAIT. When I started that I was worried because of my poor study habits and horrible past in writing papers. I soon find myself getting A’s on my papers and comments as to how well I had written the term papers. I then started to write OP-EDs for the local papers.

My point in telling you all of this is that I had a choice to make earlier in my life. Either take the stance that it all was unfair and I would never amount to anything or as the saying goes, pull myself up by the bootstraps and try again. I of course took hold of my bootstraps and had good support from my family and teachers along the way.

Had I had the type of teachers, coaches, and parents that helped me make excuses and called everything unfair. Had they lowered the standards for me because I just couldn’t meant the standard everyone else could. Well, I would not be writing this now. I would not have worked at companies like The Boeing Company, Northrop Grumman, or the college I currently work at. I would not have obtained my AAIT degree or even attempted to go to college.

Today, what I see is people convincing the younger generation that they can not move out of their own way, let alone past their own family history. They have stopped pointing to good role models that came from the same locations and succeed. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Sowell, and even people I disagree with like Barrack Obama, and Ceasar Chavez. They don’t even have their children look into their own families for role models. For me, I look at my grandfather that came to the US from Mexico. He worked until he retired, paid his taxes, raised 4 kids, sent one of them to Vietnam, and never obtained his US citizenship. Yet, he never complained about his position in life, even when he worked in a job where racism was bad.

Life is not fair. Sorry, but it is true that life is not fair. But allowing others to convince you that you will never be able to make it without others lowering the standards is an insult. It is an insult to you and to the hundreds of others that have made it before you. They had to really fight to be allowed to even attend a school, join the military or vote. Really, what these people are doing is holding you down and saying you can’t make it because of your place in their mind’s eye of you. Whether it is because of your race, color, nationality, sex, or social class, they are lying to you.

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