How is a Basketball Player Equal to a Arms Dealer?

News Story: Talks Continue on Exchange of U.S. Ex-Marine Held in Russia – Interfax
Saudi Crown Prince brokered deal to swap WNBA star Brittney Griner for Merchant of Death arms dealer Viktor Bout – who walked past each other on UAE airport tarmac – two days after America dropped Khashoggi lawsuit against the Saudi leader

What mad world we live in when a basketball player is equal to a arms dealer known as the “Merchant of Death”?

A known arms dealer that is known as the “Merchant of Death”, Viktor Bout, was traded in a prisoner exchange swap for Brittney Griner. A man known for selling arms to terrorist groups and enemies of our country.

Brittney was in prison for possesion of drugs in Russia. A country that has a zero tolerance to all drugs. A law that if it was in the USA, I would support for that matter. How is she worth the same as a arms dealer? She isn’t!

Why didn’t the trader include the Marine that is locked up in Russia?

Paul Whelan, a US Marine that was convicted of spying while in Russia. A man that was willing to give his life for our freedoms. A man that actually could have information on the Russian government that could be used for our country’s benefit. I don’t know if he is a spy or not, but at the least he is service member that signed the dotted line to fight for our country, and not a basketball player that signed a contract to make millions for playing a game.

What a joke of a prisoner exchange this deal is. What a sad nation disgrace it is to leave a Marine in prison that is and was serving our country for the betterment of the nation.

What a joke this administration is.

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