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Just last week I blogged about the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors wanting to create a law as to which they would be able to remove elected sheriffs from office. (Who Needs Elections) While most of what you will find about that blog is in reference to an event at the end of 2022, this blog post is about current events of this month.

The OpEd which was written by Adam Casalino and linked above, links the few stories that have happened in the last month that show that the Democrats want to be allowed to break the Constitutional Separation of Powers. This separation was created by the Founding Fathers of the nation to have checks and balances between the three branches of the government. If you need a quick refresher on this, in a nutshell, the Legislative creates the laws and holds the purse strings, the Executive enforces the laws and maintains the military, and the Judicial ensures that the laws created by the Legislative and signed into law by the Executive is within the Constitutional rights of the people by way of the Supreme Court.

In the case of the LA County law that the Board of Supervisors wants, it would remove the peoples right to vote and remove the authority of an elected official without a proper procedural process. This would mean that the sheriff would be at the whelm of the Board of Supervisors even if the board created laws that went against the elected sheriff’s oath of office to defend the Constitution of both the country and the state.

Now, it would appear that the Democrats in the Senate are taking a play out of the LA County Board of Supervisors’ playbook. They have as such tried to have one justice’s integrity tested, tried to force Chief Justice Thomas to appear before Congress on a review of the Supreme Court’s ethics code, and now they are suggesting the creation of a law much like that of the LA County Board of Supervisors. A law that would remove the separation between the Legislative and Judicial branches. Giving Congress the power to be overseers of the justices. If they would be successful in creating such a law, you would basically say goodbye to any tyrannical laws ever being overturned if they broke Constitutional Laws. There would be no 2nd Amendment, and the 1st Amendment would be severely restricted to whatever the Congress and President signed into law.

Don’t be fooled by the “tolerant” left Democrats, they simply want to remove all blocks to their ultimate goal of Socialism. That means even if it breaks the Constitution. Just do a simple Google Search for “Democrats Against the Constitution” and you will see story after story detailing this.

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