Who Needs Elections



In the so “wise” thinking of the liberal state of California, a state that just keeps grabbing more and more power to make the people fearful to leave their houses and depend more and more on the nanny state, they are now trying to create a new law that removes the power of the voter.

The bill AB-1090 will give the Board of Supervisors the power to remove an elected Sheriff from office for cause by a 4/5 vote. This means that instead of a true legal process where a Board of Supervisors would have to inform the officer in writing of the accusations against them and then present the case to a grand jury for a trial, they could decide they didn’t like the officer, write a letter with a statement of alleged grounds for removal and process to remove the officer. In turn, this would basically give the Board of Supervisors the real role of top Law Enforcement Official.

Where is the will of the people in this bill? There is none. The Board of Supervisors would have complete control over law enforcement without any separation of powers and the people would have no real recourse. The people’s vote could at any moment vold at the hands of a corrupt Board of Supervisors.

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