Another Reason to Close the Border

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Last week there was a mass shooting that killed 5, including a 9-year-old boy after the family asked their neighbor to stop shooting his firearms so a baby could sleep. Now I know many on the left will say this is another example of why we need gun control. This is so far from the truth, but it is a very good reason why we need border control.

The reason this has nothing to do with gun control is the same reason we need border control, border closure. The murderer of the 5 people was an illegal alien to the country and had no legal way to obtain a firearm. He either obtained the firearm by stealing it, importing it while illegally entering the country, or buying it off the black market. All of these reasons are already illegal and have been for many years. There is no reason that this criminal alien should have had a firearm in his possession.

The real reason this shooting happened was because of the broken border policy that the current presidential administration has allowed. This criminal is a repeat offender with 4 deportations in the past, and now a murder of a small child over a simple request to stop firing his illegal weapons. Something that I would believe most criminals would have done, so as to not get caught by the authorities. Nope, not this coward, he decided killing people was the best method of dealing with the issue.

We probably will never know why he did what he did, mostly because he probably fled to Mexico. If he didn’t flee to Mexico I will bet he will not be alive once law enforcement catches him. If I was a betting man I would say there will be a shootout between him and the law. A shootout that also should not happen if it were not for the weak southern border the liberal President and left want to keep open.

Now I know this sounds like I dislike immigrants, far from the truth. My grandfather and great-grandmother on my dad’s side of the family were immigrants, along with my mother-in-law too. The difference is that they all went through the proper process. My grandfather never got his US citizenship, but worked his life in a cement plant until he retired, paid his taxes, and sent my uncle to Vietnam. My mother-in-law on the other hand is a US citizen and worked until she retired as a elementary school secretary. What I don’t support is the current open doors to all policy that the liberal left wants to keep open. This only brings more problems to the US.

Closing the border also does not mean stopping people that go through the process at the border checkpoint from entering with valid reasons and background checks. What it does mean, is to close the areas in the middle of the desert where all kinds of criminal activities happen. These criminal activities range from women and children being raped by coyotes and drug cartels or being forced to transport drugs or coyotes leaving people in the middle of nowhere to slowly died as the hot desert air cooks the people alive in trailers.

Bottomline is that the border needs to be closed.

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