Woke TikToker “Scared Over American Nation Anthem



I wish this title was a joke. I wish these people would recognize the fact that just simply being able to post a video of this “scary” and “most dangerous” event of a restaurant playing the National Anthem is a freedom they are taking for granted.

Why exactly was this so “scary” to the woke TikToker? Did she receive some type of threat or a personal attack? Did the customers or staff in the video approach her or give her a mean look?

Nope, they simply stood up and placed their hands over their hearts, and faced the front of the restaurant, where I assume there was a flag on display. No one came to her and said for her to stand up or even appeared to look in her direction. But you know, to these woke people, words are just as violent as someone punishing them, well I guess in this case the sound of music that honors the nation that allows them to say and do these videos and comments.

Per the news story linked above; the owner, Jeanene Paulino of the Rainbow Oaks Restaurant in Fallbrook, CA, does this every day at noon in honor of those that have served the country. They have been doing this for years, a tradition that started with the previous owners, a tradition that Jeanene is proud to continue.

To Jeanene Paulino – Thank you for honoring our Heroes and our Nation. I hope to be able to visit your restaurant one day.

For the TikToker paulinappa_0, you need to realize just how privileged you are to live in this country and that the “dangerous” song you heard is the same one that is played at service members’ funerals who were willing to defend your rights to make a post as you did. Try to stay seated in a country like China when their anthem is played. In some countries, your very post could get you thrown into jail without a trial. But as you sat there on your ass, no one came to you and told you to get up or leave. Nope, they didn’t even bat an eye at you in this “scary” situation, but your frail emotions caused you to record and say how scary the situation was and then tag the video with hashtags, #godblessamerica #getout #illegal #whitepeoplethings. Sorry to tell you this about your last hashtag, but standing for the flag and the National Anthem is not a white people thing. I am a half-breed Mexican, married to a Mexican family who all stand and salute the flag and honor those that have fought and died to give you the right to sit on your ass in disrespect to the country. The country that you live in and have people like me in it that served the country to give ungrateful people like you the right to do that.

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