Wake up California, Won’t Get Better Until You Do.


As the title states: WAKE-UP California! As a former resident of California, the linked stories make me sick. Sadly, I was living in California at the time one of the Assembly Bills I will be mentioning in the blog was signed into law.

Per the stories linked above, Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Riverside has had a few major brawls that all are focused around a transgender girl using the girl’s locker room and bathrooms. Per the stories, this transgender girl has reportedly been showing and displaying his genitals to the girls and spitting on them in addition to other harassment allegations. Yet he has not been arrested or even expelled after repeated complaints of his sexual harassment to the girls.

According to the police, since there has been no one willing at this time to press charges the boy is still free. The reasons behind this are that he has not committed a felony crime and as such require someone to press charges under misdemeanor assault. As such, parents have started to demand the school district take charge of the situation, but as of the reading of the stories, has only given the boy in-house suspension.

Why has the boy been allowed in the girl’s locker room and bathrooms? That would be due to the passing of AB 1266 in 2014. This bill allows students that identify as the opposite sex to enter the other gender’s locker rooms and bathrooms as well as play in sports of thier sexual identity. It does not matter that this boy is purposely showing the girls his genitalia and spitting on them.

The reason this story started to get attention on the national news is because of the video of this boy brawling with a female student much smaller than him. He shoves the girl into a table and continues to bully her. She in return stands up to this oversized bully until a third student appears to jump in and takes him to the ground.

The biggest problem is that these transgender girls and men have been emboldened to the point that they believe that they can not be stopped. I will say, that I do understand that not all transgender people are supporting these actions, but the ones that do are getting more violent. You can search TikTok and YouTube and find them making threatening statements and comments but never getting removed. Yet, voices that oppose them are removed quickly.

Why are they so emboldened? The first place to look is at the White House. President Biden has repeatedly supported and even invited transgender men like Dylan Mulvaney to the White House.

Now on top of that, President Biden is sending $500,000 to Pakistan to English teachers that focus on transgender youth.

Then of course you have the many corporations that keep promoting the transgender cause with companies like Nike, Tampax and such using transgender women to promote products they can’t even use. Or sports organizations that promote transgender men breaking women’s records and forcing the women in those sports to “deal with it” while the men are watching them undress and ensuring the women see their genitalia.

With all that said, you would think the liberals in the California government might just slow their agenda down a little bit to let things cool down. Nope, they have a number of other great bills coming down the pipeline with a governor that will sign anything leftist that comes across his desk.

SB 419 – bans the suspension of students for willful defiance. This was introduced by Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkley) and signed into law by Gov. Newsom in 2019. It banned suspensions of TK-5 and prohibited them in grades 6-8 until 2025.

SB 274 – Also authored by Sen. Skinner completely abolishes willful defiance suspensions in all grades. Sen. Skinner is quoted as saying, “Students, especially those with behavioral issues, need to be in a school where teachers and counselors can help them succeed,” You know it is always better to wreck other good students than to protect them from bullies.

Between the allowance of bullies and transgenders having more rights than the average California citizen and the fact thugs can steal up to $1000 from stores, is it any wonder who the left really thinks are good citizens? Releasing criminals from prisons to attack and steal from the citizens is also a better way to understand the criminal. At tleast that seems to be the way the left think.

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