The Riots Are Not Helping

The current riots and unrest is not helping or honoring anyone. No, it is just breaking families apart, killing our communities due to a few bad seeds in the bunch. I don’t mean just bad polices officers, but all those that are destroying the names of those that came before and made great changes in history. Those that are rioting, murdering, and breaking all the laws they can are not honoring the name of George Floyd either. They had a chance to add his name to be with other great men and women in helping the country get past the racial lines, but instead they choose to make them wider and darker ones.

George Floyd’s death for the first time in a long time was one that most Americans agree was unjust and that the cops that placed his knee on top of George’s neck was wrong and should be punished to the fullest. Most were also in agreement that the other officers on site should be fired and punished. This was a time where true change could be addressed to bring the lines of race down. But no, instead those that wanted to destroy the country and was just waiting for the prime time to do it slapped George Floyd in the face.

I just watched the Congressional hearings of George Floyd’s brother Philonise and Patrick Underwood’s sister Angela Underwood Jacobs speak out about the events. Both are very heart breaking to think that both of them lost a loved one because of one person’s actions. Neither should have lost their family members.

Philonise in the past week asked for people to stop the rioting and looting. He said that his brother would not have wanted any of it. Today in his speech to the Congress continued to reflect that same thought.

Angela, also wanted the same peace in honor of her brother. In her case she lost her brother while doing his job as a federal law officers in Oakland, CA. While he was protecting the Federal Court Building he was gunned down by the rioters. But I have to ask; why wasn’t his live as valuable to the rioters as they are pretending George Floyd’s live mattered?

To me, both lives mattered. But it seems that to me that the Black Lives Matter movement only cares for black lives that follow their agenda. They come into the communities they riot in and destroy all lives in that area. I have seen a number of videos of black business owners that have lost everything in so call protests to honor George Floyd and others. As one black business owner stated, “If all black lives matter, why not mine?” This was as she was cleaning up her destroyed business. Then she went on to say, “Black Lives Matter, you lied to me.”

I have also seen that I should not say that “All Lives Matter” because it is insensitive to the black community and the cause they are spreading. Well, to me it doesn’t seem to care for it’s own community members when it murders black men in law enforcement or destroys black owned businesses in their own communities. But I also have to say that it also keeps us separated into two groups. I saw a video where Morgan Freemen says it perfectly. He said that we need to stop bring up race in everyday talk. Instead of that white guy or black guy, we need to see each other as simply Americans.

Just as with the police, I believe there are only a few bad seeds in the group of Black Lives Matters, but those few are killing the message. Those few are the ones getting the riots going and destroying people lives.

In this time, I sure wish we had Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and others of the civil rights era around. Their words are still true today as they were back then. Peaceful protest will change hearts and minds, not riots.

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