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Many years ago I had this website to express my view and opinions on many events and of my political views. This was in a time when President Obama was first running for president. As some of you may remember, I was not for him or for the GOP candidate John McCain. Either way we know how that election turned out to be for Obama.

So at the same time I had some personal issues that prevented me from writing any more, and the site slowly died over the course of the following year. Since then I have tried to keep my views out there in various forms from Facebook, Google +, and other online social platforms. There was a few times I tried to bring back a blog format, but not like I am going to start here again. I just find that in the crazy days we currently live in, I need to be able to express myself more.

So what am I going to do here?

First off I guess I will need to talk about the elephant in the room and talk about the Coronavirus and George Floyd. I do believe many on both sides of the right and left will not like what I have to say about either one. I am a pretty conservative person myself, so I know the left will hate me just because of that. However the right will also throw stones at me because I am not a 100% Trump or GOP supporter either. No, I believe that just like many of our founding fathers of the country thought, political parties would destroy the nation over time…. Just like they are now. They will and have divided us down lines that have now even splintered the parties themselves. Neither party actually represents the people they pretend to represent. Neither party even know what the people of the nation are. But in my eyes they both tend to want the same thing anymore, power and to control the people. I will blog more on those ideas over time.

Secondly, as I stated above, I am not here to tow the line of one party over the other. As mentioned I am a conservative and as such my views will side more with the GOP in general. However, I am very unhappy with those that are in the GOP. I will say that I probably will not endorse anything from the Democratic party ever, they are just way to out of step with the Constitution and seem to only want to give free social welfare for votes. In my opinion, like what Reagan said about the Democratic party back in the ’70’s and I now will say about both parties today, “I didn’t leave the parties, they left me.” It is time to end the two party system the Democratic and the GOP has created and bring in or move to other parties.

Third, I am a Navy vet and fully support my fellow service member brothers and sisters. As such I also fully support the men and women in the emergency services, police, fire, EMTs, and any other emergency service providers. But just as we are all human, I know that each of these have bad seeds that need to be removed from their positions. I would never support an abuse of power or control by any one of them. I know and recognize that the actions of a few within the ranks for these services hurt the departments, the communities they serve, and most importantly destroy the peace we all want to live in. I will cover more of that in my post about the current situation in the protesting and the rioting caused in the case of George Floyd.

Forth, I will be honest in my posts. I will give my opinions with as much information as I can to show how and why I came to my ideas and views. I will also try to listen to those that oppose my views. I simply ask that those that oppose my views to give me the same courtesy. I will provide references to the stories I used to make my post, include history references where needed, and try to explain why I believe in what I said.

Fifth, I am very pro-Constitution. I want the small federal government that the founding fathers wrote about in the Federalist Papers. I want the freedoms that have been slowly taken away from us. I want the Senate to be appointed by the states as it used to be before Wilson helped change the Constitution to make the Senate elected positions and removed true state rights. I want us to go back to a gold standard and end the federal reserve. I want all of the Bill of Rights to be protected at the federal level and not to allow states to make laws against them.

Lastly, I am a Christian man that believes in Christian values. In such that I will measure myself to those values before in any else first. That does not mean I will bash or call others of different or no religious background names. It does not mean I will discriminate others for their life styles. I will respect you and your views, I just may not agree with them.

My hopes in this blog is to express my views in a format that will not be censored by major social media powers that want only their narrative or a mild opposing one to be heard. I will probably start a YouTube channel to expand the blog in time. Not sure when I will do this, mostly because I don’t believe I am the best speaker.

I hope you will enjoy my blog. Thank you and God Bless you.

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