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I understand that not everyone agrees with the protesting of the death of George Floyd. I will admitted that I understand the protest of the police abuse but not how the people have turned to rioting. Either way, I do not believe in added fuel to an already hot fire.

What I mean is that no one should mock the way George Floyd’s arrest was done. I know that according to the official autopsies that Floyd did not die directly from the knee to his neck, but it did say it did create the issue. The knee to the neck reduced the blood flow to Floyd’s brain and as such depleted the oxygen required to support his body. That was the official report that I read of his death.

So as such, when I saw the story of a couple counter-protester recreate the image, I was a little beside myself. It was nothing more than throwing a bucket of gas to an already out of control fire.

If we want to stop the violence and stupidity, we have to stop it on both sides of the isle. We also need to ensure that police do not use a knee to a compliant suspect. I am not saying that an officer that is battling a out of control suspect from using needed holds or grappling techniques. I am sure there may be those situations. But once the suspect is under control and can be hand cuffed, it should be stopped.

And yes, I did see the meme of two white cops placing their knees on the white suspect. If they had the suspect under control an were still compressing his neck, then I would say it is possible abusive.

Before anyone also attacks me with comments about Floyd being under the influence of drugs. Yes, I know he was. I also know that he had been in prison in Texas also. That however doesn’t take away that he was subdued and compliant when the knee was pressed on his neck. Many officers online in YouTube, TicTok, and such have expressed that Floyd was wrongly being held in this position.

Angry White Counterprotesters in NJ Mock George Floyd Killing…
Reenacted death…

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