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Over the years we have been warned and threatened that the world’s end would be just around the corner. If we don’t stop using gas, stop cow burps and farts, and stop using oil and coal to produce the power we need, the end of the planet will be at hand in a few years.

I can still remember hearing these stories of a horrible end within my lifetime when I was in grade school. We were reading the school newsletter that was sent to the school once a week, the Weekly Reader. I remember the horror I felt that the coming ice age was going to happen before I was 10 years old. How could this little boy help stop the ice age?

At that time, I also remember going to Los Angeles to visit my aunt and seeing the gray, thick air as we descended into the LA Basin. The smog seemed to never leave LA during those days. But over the years the anti-smog devices on cars started to clear the skies over LA. Yet, by the time President Clinton was elected the coming ice age started to turn into the ever-shrinking ice caps, and how global flooding was going to swamp major cities around the world by 2000.

So what was the reason for this new threat to our survival this time? Of course, the use of fossil fuels created this hole in the ozone. This hole was letting getting bigger and releasing our production from the sun. It was creating global temperatures to rise. This raise in temperature was going to cause flooding around the ocean shores worldwide and cause droughts that would ruin crops.

From one extreme to the other…

This is where I started to question what the media and “experts” like Al Gore were telling us. I started to use that head that God gave me and examine the facts. Facts showed that at one time the world was almost all jungles and covered with vegetation, then periods of draughts and dry areas. Where did I get this information? From experts that studied the history of animals and the migration of people over an ice bridge to North America.

Now other people, including experts in the same field of work as those that were warning of the melting of the ice caps, started to question the data. The terms started to change, it went from global cooling to global warming to the newest term of global climate change. They could no longer keep the heating or cooling terms in the theories.

So now you have these “experts” of doomed earth spreading the message that what happens daily is a sign of the death of the earth. The cause is fossil fuels, but also cow burps and farts, along with your farts too.

And yes, I am over-generalizing this information so I don’t email hate mail telling me how wrong I am. I know that many of you reading this don’t want to believe the “experts” can’t be wrong… Especially after Covid and all the one-sidedness that the “experts” spread and smashed.

But the truth is that today, the story is that global climate change term started only after we started to see huge winter storms in the 2010’s. Their explanation for the reason the term and the winter storms were part of the changes, well, because the melting of the ice caps was cooling the oceans then cooled the moisture in the clouds. Then in exceptionally warm seasons, was the opposite.

So what are the newest ways to save the earth from “climate change”?

That’s right, eating bugs and placing masks and diapers on cows to collect farts and burps. There are a few more new ideas along the way, such as California’s ban on gasoline vehicles, and banning natural gas stoves and heaters. But I wanted to use the idea of eating bugs and catching cow gas expelling for this short story that is leading to the video below.

You see, the video below goes over the timeline that I just spoke about, just much more detailed. Being I am a one-man band in this media, Epoch Times has the proper team to create the video I linked to help those of you that still want o follow the “experts” that cover up and bash their opposing side.

Now for those of you that want to start bashing me with the typical statement, “So you just think pollution is a good thing?!?” No. I just know that we can’t stop using and outlawing means of production. We do need a way to keep us fed, warm, and healthy and leave the world clean and safe for all animals of the world. Not things like windmills and solar plants that take thousands of acres of land from farms and wildlife. Windmills kill more birds, including eagles than are reported. Solar plants that bake the ground surrounding it and any tortoises that happen to be trapped in the fenced area during the night. Or the open pit mines in Africa that use child slave labor to collect the lithium needed for the electric cars that you drive. Not to mention the hundreds of acres that are needed to bury the used windmill blades and lithium batteries after they have been spent. And that isn’t even accounting for the pollution generated just to make those batteries, blades, or solar panels.

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