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HBO Max has came out that they will be removing the movie classic Gone With The Wind do t the depiction of blacks. The movie is based in the mid-1800’s when slavery was a normal part of southern life. As such it depicts a number of blacks playing slaves of the time period. They were mostly house slaves that were maids and cooks mostly.

I am not saying that slavery was right in any fashion or age. However, if you want have a movie that depicts a time period in history there is going to be many things we now see as wrong. As much as some people may want to forget of our past inhumanities, we also must make sure we don’t forget them either.

This is where I was shocked to hear that Whoopi Goldberg view this story the same way I did. I will say that I can’t remember the last time I agree with Whoopi on a hot topic that relates to politics, culture, or almost anything. But like I said above, she disagrees with removing or modifying old movies to make them easier for today’s eyes. She even disagreed that Cops was being cancelled for the same reasons.

I personally am of the adage, “We must remember our past, or we are doomed to relive it.” In some lights I believe we are doing just that… Reliving it.

HBO Max Removes Civil War Epic ‘Gone With The Wind’

Whoopi Goldberg pushes back against censorship of ‘Gone with the Wind,’ ‘Cops’

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