SI Swimsuit Issue Cover Man – Trans-woman Kim Petras



How many men want to see the SI Swimsuit Issue with trans-woman Kim Petras?

Since it would appear that Sports Illustrated has not learned the lessons from Bud Light’s multi-million dollar loss, they have a trans-woman as their cover “Man.”

My question is if the “Go Woke – Go Broke” will move forward in boycotting SI as they did to Bud Light.

I sure hope so.

But let’s not forget the Miller Lite advertisement that came out and was basically hidden from everyone because of Bud Light. The Miller Lite ad it basically just gives all credit to the creation of beer to women. Not saying women didn’t help and possibly make improvements to the production of beer, but it is basically throwing men under the bus. Now I will agree that beer companies have over-sexualized women in their commercials, but that is about as far as I will say I agree with Miller Lite.

In my opinion, Boycott Sports Illustrator Miller Lite, Anheuser Busch, Disney, Tampax, Target, and all companies that fall under the transgender pandering.

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