Sweetwater County School District no. 1 in Wyoming is Doubling Down


As the title says above, Sweetwater County School District in Wyoming is doubling down on its position of hiding the social transitioning of a student in Rock Springs. Sadly, they are using the attempt from the Biden administration to create their case.

What the school district is attempting to defend its actions with is Title IX. They are first using Title IV to defend their position by stating that they will lose federal funding. But how exactly would it lose the funding does not make sense. The reason it does not make sense is that they are not discriminating against LBGTQ+ students by letting the parents know a student is attempting to use different pronouns or not using their given names. Title IX does not punish a school for that, they do if the school rejects or attempts to punish a student due to their gender, sexuality, race, or color, but not for parents being informed of their child.

The second part that The school then is saying that if they allow the parents to be informed of the student’s identity confusion, then they would have to accept the beliefs of a Ku Klux Klan member to request the student to be segregated, which would then lead to the school becoming a school segregated school. This of course would then break Title IX and defund the school with federal funds being taken away. However, there is a big difference between a student hiding their gender confusion and a parent demanding a school to be segregated. The parents have a right to know what the school is teaching and how the student is doing in school. A KKK member does not have the right to force a school to segregate, just as I would never say a student couldn’t go to a school that is gay unless they acted like they were straight. This whole lawsuit is about a parent being lied to by the school and the school hiding important information about the student.

The stance of the school district, is if they caught a student having sex and the student stated they were afraid of their parents finding out, should they tell the parents? That is the same thing as if a student is hiding gender confusion. Neither set of students are old enough to fully understand the consequences of those actions. Just like we don’t allow them to vote, smoke, drink alcohol, etc.

Sadly, we currently have a president that is attempting to change Title IX to allow nationwide and without parents being allowed to prevent it, transgender boys to use girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms and play girls’ sports. This outright would go against states like Wyoming that have passed bills and laws to prevent boys in girls sports. Of course, states could just simply disobey the federal laws as states do have that right. But most schools today rely on federal funds. Federal funds that I really believe the states should not rely on. Those funds take the rights away from the local governments to the overseers of big brother at the federal level.

For those of you that don’t seem to get it, think about the Hunger Games and how the elites were in the ivory towers at the capital while the rest of the nation was at the mercy of the Capital. The other states in the Hunger Games were only allowed to live in poverty and decay, begging for food from the Capital. The Capital ensured that the states were always in some way against each other, through the games, obedience, or something else to force them to rely on the Capital. The biggest thing the Capital did was to use the state’s children against them. The better a state’s children did in listening and working for the Capital, the better the states were doing.

So I ask you, what really is going on with all these liberals shoving their perverted ideas onto the children of the nation? Spoon-feeding them through social media and entertainment from very young ages LBGTQ+ ideology.

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