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While I don’t usually outright say someone is lying, this is a case where I believe it is the correct title and way to start out. What gets me the most is that the President actually is old enough to remember from personal memory when white supremacists were a true terrorist group in the US. He didn’t even have to pick up a history book and read about the horrible truth. He would have been 13 years old when Emmit Till was lynched and saw the headlines of that injustice.

What he really is doing is fanning the flames that were burning out. I say that as a man that remembers visiting my grandfather in Mississippi as a child and seeing the racism in the early 80s and hearing of the 50s and 60s from my grandfather and mother.

I remember our family vacations to visit my grandfather during the summers of the later 70s and early 80s. Coming from a small town in California where everyone was friends with everyone else. Didn’t matter if you were Mexican, White, Black, Indian, etc. Then going to Mississippi and even as a child I could feel the racism so thick you could cut it with a knife. Going to the grocery store was the worst because I could watch it play out. Each aisle seemed to be self-segregated by the customers. If there was a black family in one aisle you would see whites waiting at the end, and if there was a white family in the aisle the blacks would be waiting. Once I did see a white man barge through and shove a black woman as he passed by to get his stuff. Dirty looks back and worth in many cases followed too.

I asked my grandfather about these interactions I saw while we were shopping. He told me it was people that couldn’t get over themselves and kept racism burning. Thankfully, my grandfather was not one of those racist people and would politely walk down the aisle and say excuse me to anyone that was blocking his way to the product he needed. In many of these situations, he would have black women look at him as if he was strange for being polite to them. Some of the white people, he would get dirty looks because he didn’t play the racist card like they did.

Happily, I can say that the last time I went through Mississippi as a truck driver I didn’t see any racism. That said, I will not say that there are not racist jerks out there, but it isn’t only a one-sided thing. Racism can and does come from multiple places. As an American with Mexican heritage on my father’s side, I have seen and felt it from time to time. But not only from whites or blacks in my case but also from within the Mexican side. Just as I have heard that some blacks dislike lighter or darker-skinned blacks, so goes some Mexicans too. In my case I have been told my white mother was a race trader and other times it was my dad who was the race trader, just depends if the person was white or Mexican. I was also told my father was moving on up because he married a white woman.

Now getting back on the topic of Biden spreading lies to the students of Howard University. He lied to them and really did nothing but set us as a country back 60 years. That is what the Democrats love to do, break us as a nation into small groups that are pitted against each other. It is a tactic of the left to gain more control of the masses and blame others for their problems. It is straight out of the Communist Manifesto and Rules for Radicules. It is how the likes of Hitler and Stalin took control of their countries.

It is the same with other issues they are for or against. Abortion, gun control, LBGTQ+ and etc are all ways to try to control people. They then blame those that actually support the Constitution as terrorists regardless of race. That is why Biden made comments like, You ain’t black unless you vote for me.” So what about the black conservative that didn’t vote for him? Those people end up being called Uncle Tom, and now even black-white supremacists.

Lastly, murder data does not support his statement that white supremacists are the biggest form of terrorism in the US today. Per the FBI in 2019 the number of whites murdering blacks is at 246 versus black murdering blacks is 2,574. If white supremacist was the biggest terrorist in the country, don’t you think the numbers would be reversed? Just like the murder of white is also most committed by whites. Whites murdered by blacks is 566 versus whites murdered by whites is 5,294. in both cases, the murder rate is much higher within the same race versus other races.

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