Scared People in Yellowstone, Not From What They Should Be.

This past weekend my wife and I went to Yellowstone National Park for the day. We had a great time driving around the park and saw a great number of bison. We even saw a mother grizzly and her cub just outside of the park. There still was some snow in many areas of the park and the day’s temperature was in the mid-60’s to 70’s.

There was one thing that I saw however, that made me and my wife wonder. All the scared people around us. Now I know you may think, “Well of course, those bison are big and powerful.” I actually wish that was the inking of the people and the reason they appeared to be scared. I mean I am part of a couple Facebook pages that highlight just how many people are dangerously unafraid of the wildlife in Yellowstone. Just look those pages up and you will find people trying to pet the bison, or as they are referred to on those pages, “the Fluffy Cows.” And right or wrong, those people are called “Tourons” because they seem to not to understand that these animals are not house pets.

No, the people I am referring to that were scared people are the ones that would never take their masks off. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not at all knocking those that were in the gift stores or the restaurants. Those people I understand and support regardless how I may feel about the masks. Nope, the ones I am talking about were in their cars or over 25 feet away from others outside. In some cases I was able to see fear in their eyes when anyone walked near them regardless of masks or distance.

Like I said, I understand people wanting to wear a mask in close quarters with others or even inside a building. I may not agree with them, but I won’t harass them for that. But walking outside in the middle of a huge open park?

To be honest with you, if you are that afraid of catching Covid, then why are you even traveling the country? Why did you only start wearing masks when Covid came out?

My answer on what I saw is a simply one. People have lost faith in God or have never known Him. They instead have faith in a man in Washington DC. A man that can only give them theories of how Covid affects people or how it can be transmitted or if the many unapproved and experimental vaccines will work.

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