SAT and ACT Racist?

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Lawsuit Claims SAT And ACT Are Biased—Here’s What Research Says

University of California Will No Longer Consider SAT and ACT Scores

Is the SAT and ACT’s racist?

I believe the better question is, “How is the SAT and ACT’s racist?

It is a test that test and evaluates the abilities of an individual to complete a college degree. While there may be an issue with he number of minorities heading to college, the SAT and ACT is not the issue. I say this because I know that when I got out of high school I would not have been able to take either test and enter into a major university. And I know it had nothing to do with my race, White and Mexican.

Nope, in my case it was because I was not a good student in high school. I didn’t try hard enough to hit the books and learn what I needed to take either test. That is how it is for many kids coming out of high school of any race or color. I also didn’t have the confidence to even try to o to college.

Yet years later, I did go back to school and obtain my AAIT. I needed those years to build my confidence up and to learn why high school was so important. And of course have the money to attend, by way of my employer’s benefits and the GI Bill.

But there is another reason why so many minority kids don’t get to go to college. And no, it still isn’t because of a test being racist. It is because many of those minority kids live in places like the inner city. The same inner city that is almost always ran by liberal democrats that promise the world in welfare, lower taxes, and lower crime. Yet these same liberal democrats cut funding for schools, police, and only provide ways to keep the poor and lower income earners in the inner city stuck in the same place.

In these areas you will see a high drop out rate, poor grades, and high crime rates. The local politicians will blame the conservatives, state and federal leadership, unless a democrat in in the White House or Governor’s Office. They will justify bad behavior by saying things like, “it just the way things are there.”, “they have no way to a better life.”, or “they are just trying to feed their kids.”

Just in the current events of today you can see the democrats outlook on the minorities. Take a look at the voter laws and why they don’t support voter IDs. The first thing out of a democrats mouth it degrading. “They don’t all have ID’s,”or “They don’t know how to get IDs.” It’s like the democrats think minorities have to be taken by the hand a guided like little children through life.

So why do you think many minorities can’t pass the SAT and ACT’s? It’s because the democrats who seem to run the inner city have no faith in those that live there. They promise better education for the kids in those areas, but spend it on things that don’t educate the kids but keep them down. Instead of the democrats finding solutions, they find and spread blame as they give out handouts of subjugation. Then call things like the SAT and ACT’s racist to continue the blame game. When in fact, the next step will be to blame the colleges as being racist and demand them to lower their graduation requirements. Really what the democrats seem to want is a dumb populist that they can control.

If you want real change in the number of minorities attending college, change the way the inner city is managed by democrats. Stop allowing the democrats from lowering standards and bring in more support to keep students from dropping out. Encourage the next generation of students with good role models like Martin Luther King Jr., Sammy Davis, Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver, Allen West, and Douglas Fredrick.

Lastly, what I really find racist in these stories is the fact a test is being called racist. The fact that they are deeming a test that is meant to be hard and to ensure people that can graduation a university is racist is more insulting to the minorities. It is more insulting because instead of helping those that are having problems passing it, they are dumbing down the process. So what is the achievement of getting into a university if there is no standard anymore?

Where will it stop?

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