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State tells businesses: You must ‘verify’ vax records of customers

I normally want more than one news link to back me on my posts. However, this subject has been toyed with over the past few months. Vaccine Passports to be able to play, shop, work, or etc.

Now do I think a country has the right to prevent foreigners to have proof of a vaccination before entering their borders? Yes I do. And yes this includes the US to ensure the safety of it’s people from outside diseases. But there is in no way that I believe the US should or legally has the right to force it’s people to obtain proof of being vaccinated or not. For that matter, if we truly have God given rights per our Constitution, they have no legal right to force us to be vaccinated.

Do I feel that a business has the right to prevent a person from entering their business, yes. But in no way do I feel they have the right to ask me if I am vaccinated or not. That also means that I just simply won’t visit those stores. But I will say that I don’t believe that the government has a right to force a store to ask or enforce a mask requirement either.

If we are a truly free country that has a Constitution that gives each citizen the individual rights to be free, then these possible laws go against that very Constitution.

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