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It has been over 6 weeks and the media and the nation has of yet been allowed to read or even get a small glance at the Nashville shooter manifesto. If my memory serves me correctly, there has never been such a delay in the release of a shooter’s manifesto in the past.

What is the delay?

According to a few news stories the delay is because of pending lawsuits that were filed against the police department. The strange part about that is the fact the lawsuit is about them delaying and refusing to release the manifesto. Wouldn’t the easiest way to end the lawsuit be to release the manifesto, even if in a redacted version if there is some type of information still pending more investigation? Still, the shooter is dead and unless they have a second possible shooter mentioned in the manifesto, what exactly would need to be investigated?

To add to the situation of the release of the manifesto, a judge last week at the Chancery Court ordered the city of Nashville for an unredacted copy of the manifesto for the court to review. This is the same court that is going to conduct the hearings over the lawsuit.

In one of the news stories linked above there was a top security expert who believes the whole issue of the manifesto is an unimportant part of the awful events of that day. I will say that he makes a very good point, even though I still wonder why there has been such a delay in the release of the manifesto. That delay in the release does make me wonder if there is something more pressing in it.

The top security expert, Moose Moore with Vigilance Group believes that the release of the manifesto is more of a distraction that is getting in the way of a much more important issue. How do we learn to better protect students and staff of schools in the future?

In the views that I read, his bigger concern is how to prevent more loss of life when a shooter comes in and either pulls the fire alarm or the smoke from the firearm sets it off. As he stated, once the shooting starts and the fire alarm goes off, students and staff have trained to leave the building. This then could possibly place these innocent children right into the path of the shooter or shooters. He suggests that there should be a new process for times when the fire alarm goes off at unplanned times. He did recognize that in the event of a real fire, that small time is precious, but walking straight into the line of fire is deadly too.

This made me think back to the first school shooting at Columbine, there the two murderous punks actually did use the fire alarm to draw their classmates out. They, like the Nashville shooter, had detailed plans during their rampage. It would appear that this security expert actually is pointing out a flaw that we had not closed since the first school shooting. Sadly it would appear that besides having an armed presence, (a school police officer, trained armed teachers, or private security) schools in many areas of the country may need to be like little forts to protect our children.

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