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So last night before I decided it was time to turn off the computer and stop checking social media I saw a few headlines of NASCAR banning the Confederate flag, wanting to cancel Paw Patrol because of the depiction of good cops, and a number of other changes in sports and etc. First I have to say, I believe a company can do whatever they want to, its their company. Second, I am confused about cancelling show that might actual help police and people relations.

So let me be clear on my background a little here so be fair. I am an American that comes from a family of both Mexican and Southern roots. On my dad’s side I am a third generation Mexican immigrate. My Mexican Grandfather came to the country and worked his ass off to make a living and raise his family. He sent his second oldest son to Vietnam and paid his taxes. On my mother’s side we came from Mississippi as far as the early 1800’s.

I had to explain that for the first part of my post here that deals with the Confederate flag and NASCAR. I understand that many people find that this flag is and was at a time a reference to the oppression and slavery of blacks. However, I also understand that the flag is also a reference to Southern Pride. What some of you don’t understand is that the pride does not come from the slavery of the Civil War but of where you come from. I have the same pride in the Mexican flag too. Those are places that made me who I am today. I feel that while NASCAR has all rights to operate their company the way they feel, I also feel they are turning their backs on where they came from.

Another issue I have about the why the Black Live Matter movement is going on about the flag is that they now disrespect the American flag too. They now kneel down and walk on it, even though that same flag was used to end the slavery of the black people. Today they say it is a flag of oppression just as the Confederate flag. That leads me to wonder if it is the flag at all you are offended by?

As I have already posted on, HBO Max decided that Gone With The Wind will be removed and changed. I understand the change is that they will include an educational section now. Not really sure what that means at this time. But to further change our viewing habit, cop shows of all kinds are being removed or requested to be removed. Not because of anything more than because they show cops in a good light. One show that really is disturbing is Paw Patrol. I kids cartoon that show cops, firemen, and etc. helping everyone in times of need. What I don’t understand is why depicting police as good people that want to help others is a bad thing. True I don’t seem to get pulled over for anything, as well I my dark skinned Mexican father. Maybe I am completely off on this, but having a bunch of kids of all races and colors watch a show where police are good people and role models helping others of all races and colors in times of need… Well wouldn’t that help all kids to over come racial issues? Wouldn’t they learn that if you are a cop or just a civilian that we should all look past the color of each others’ skin?

In the next section of this post I will need to go back to the kneeling down on the American flag. It would appear that after finally being able to watch last years Super Bowl, I will now return to watching only hunting and fishing shows once again. It would appear that the NFL, NBA, USFS, and a bunch of other sporting organization will return to kneeling during the National Anthem. They have that right, I just don’t have to watch or pay for them to do so. As a Navy Vet, I find this action a very disrespectful display of protest to those that fought and died for the very rights being used and wanting to ensure to be distributed equally. Especially when I ask you where are these athletes when it comes to actual change? Are they heading out to the schools and helping the kids learn to treat each other fairly and equal? Are they trying to stop school bullying? Have they gone to the inner city and became good role models? I am sure their have been some that may do that. I know that Joey Porter used to go back to Bakersfield, CA and to the very streets he lived on and did just that. I know that Lester Hayes once stopped at a youth football practice in Tehachapi, CA when he drove by on the highway. Some yes I know there are good men and women in sports that want to help. But why don’t we heard of that more? If they really want to make a change, they must get out there and work it.

Look, I don’t agree with people being pulled over for no reason by cops. My oldest daughter was pulled over once by a cop like that. In this case it wasn’t because of her race or color, but because she was a teenager at the time. The cop just wanted to harass her and forced her to role up her windows that was tinted to dark. Would he had done that to me? Probably not. But in same area it was only that one cop that was reportedly doing stuff like that, not all of them.

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