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So I have been quite over the past few days on the current issues in our country. I guess in some ways it has been because I was hoping that something good was going to come out. Something that would give me a beam of hope that our nation is on the right path. But sadly, I don’t see it. I don’t see where we are changing to a course that will bring peace into our nation.

Sadly, I am writing this just the day before we celebrate the nation’s 244th birth of the country. But after all the rioting, the Coronvirus scare and threats to American life I have to write this. It is just so upsetting that I feel like I am watching the nation collapsing before our very eyes. Worst yet is that we are watching it do this from the inside.

Why is this so hard of a post for me to write?

I guess it would be because I never would have thought in my life time this subject would be so real. You see, way back in 1991 as I was completing my high school years I had a weird prediction of where we would be 30 or so years down the road. It wasn’t like I was some devoted student that studied in depth subjects. No, I was actually a average student that just made the grades to play football and could get me that piece of paper that said I graduated. My biggest plan back then was to join the Navy and learn a trade. Which I accomplished.

I did learned the basic subjects, especially like history class. However, I do think is was a little thin, but nothing like I see in today’s high schools. Where I really started to open my eyes and see the value of history, civics, and philosophy was during my Navy time. In fact, I never got taught civics or philosophy in high school and very much believe they need to be taught. In time I got a degree and learned those subjects. I was lucky to have talked to a few college professors that simply taught those subjects without their own views mixed in.

Either way, straight out of high school and not even in the Navy yet I had this idea pop in my head about where we would be in 30 plus years. I would have thought it to be a huge joke if I heard a friend tell me this. I myself have only told a handful of friends and family of this prediction and wrote it down a couple times in private. Truth is, it actually scared me to think about it. Yet here we are.

The prediction is of the nation falling into war that would split the country in so many different subgroups and one major group. The major group would be made of those that simply want the country to return to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as it was meant to be. If you know your history, you will know that the original Constitution and Bill of Rights was meant for all people of the nation contrary to what most have learned in school. If you don’t know that, then pick up a copy of the Federalist Papers and learn about how the Constitution was only passed due to a compromise with southern states. That compromise was to count slaves as 3/5 of a person. It wasn’t originally meant to be there, but to keep the nation together it was added.

So in the prediction the majority group would be fighting to have the original idea of the Constitution as the law of the land and include all people. The subgroups on the other hand would comprise of such mixed ideas. Some would be split down racial lines, some by religious lines, some by past nationalism, some by sexual ideologies, and so on. But within all those subgroups would be further breakdowns according to political ideologies.

So why do I say that I have been procrastinating in writing this post?

Well, look at our country today. What do you see? I see exactly what my prediction was. You have a breakdown of the people by race, color, religious belief, sexual ideas, political belief, and the list goes on. But there is one group that has been separated from the rest. The only group that has been silent for way to long. It is those that are tired of being called racist, Uncle Tom, uncaring, out dated, and etc. It is filled with people that love the nation and accepts that the country was and has never been perfect but is willing to die to protect it. Some are new to the nation that have lived in other countries and fled to the US. Some are veterans that took an oath of enlistment or as officers in our military and still hold to their oaths. Others are just plain people of all walks that see past a person’s color, race, sexuality, or political views.

Sure they aren’t perfect. Will everyone in the majority group agree on everything? No. On some matters they may even offend each other. But what will make them different from the other groups is that they all will accept each others past, good and bad. They will not hide their faults, but embrace the past to make themselves better.

The fact is, right now I feel like that majority group is smaller than all the subgroups together. I believe that many in those subgroups have just been beaten down and trained to not offend minority groups to the point of bowing down to them. I also believe that many within those minority groups have been lied to for so may years by forces using them as pawns in the greater war. I say this after watching many YouTube videos of some of those that were caught up in those lies. Those that fled those lies and are now telling us how about the agendas of those subgroups.

Why do I feel I must post this now?

Well I feel that way because of how I see many people being lead like sheep in the current events of today. First was the Coronavirus where the narrative has changed a number of times. First it was no big deal, then before we knew it we were locked down. But after George Floyd died at the hands of a bad cop and most of America calling for justice, but we got riots instead. Riots that were under the idea that Black Lives Matter, but that movement ended up killing more blacks and ripping apart many black owned business. That movement was hijacked by a Marxist group that didn’t blink an eye when black cops were murdered and black owned business were destroyed. Then came the reports that none of those riots caused the Coronaviruses spread, yet Trump rallies on the other hand did. However, even the LA mayor has said the riots hurt.

Now we have news telling us that the newest threat to our world is the new Swine Flu. It should somehow hit us just about the same time as we should be hitting the election booths. On top of that, we also can’t celebrate the 4th of July and birth of our nation.

All of this just makes me think that my prediction is coming true. The forces of evil has came to the nation and is going to rip us apart after 244 years. We will enter into a new civil war and many of us won’t know who is fighting with us. We will have families torn into pieces because of little lines in the sand over a number of issues. Just look at the list of news items I list below. Each of them is another rip in the fiber of our country.

What I am hoping and praying for:

  1. That we have peace within the nation.
  2. That everyone will ask for all lives to matter.
  3. People will become educated on our past and present to help our future
  4. That police abuse ends and bad cops are caught and sent to jail.
  5. That no second civil war will come.
  6. And that the health of the world and country will come and illness will end.
  7. Everyone will be able to celebrate the nations birthday peacefully and safely.

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