Could It Really Be?

This morning I was watching a video on YouTube that said something that was rather interesting. I will get into that in a few seconds though.

So the video was of Ami Horowitz asking white people in one area of New York about defunding the police. All of those that he had on the video were all for it. They sympathized with the current Black Lives Matters movement for wanting to defund them. They all somehow believe defunding law enforcement is a good thing and that it would make black and other minority groups feel safer.

Then Mr. Horowitz went to Harlem and asked the same question. However, each of the black people he asked stated that they would not support that movement. Each of them said that crime would go up without the police. A couple of them stated that we can’t judge a few bad apples in the bunch. There was also a black woman that stated she had a number of relatives that were in the police force and one black man said his 8 year old son wanted to be an officer when he grows up. The same black man said he was very supportive of his son’s goal.

In one spot of the video, Mr. Horowitz made the statement that there was a movie about something like this, The Purge. That is when it king=d of dawned on my what is seems like the left and Marxist of the Black Lives Matter movement wants to do. And before you yell at me for making that statement, there is a difference between the movement and the actual statement of Black Lives Matter. One is a organized group that wants to destroy the country and the other is a true statement that Black Lives Matter.

So, to continue, just think how defunding the police really would turn out. Complete lawlessness that would have murder, rape, and whatever else the evil people would do. It would destroy the country, it would slaughter people do to the uncontrolled of the criminal minded. Then when the shit really hits the fan, what do you think would happen next? The left, that wants the “purge” would blame those in power and create a extremely over reaching governmental police force. They would bring a “peace” to the country but all of your rights would vanish. You would have no more guns rights to defend yourself. You would only be allowed to do what the new government allowed you to do. There would be a curfew in place that probably would have deadly results until the people were in check.

And before you think that it couldn’t happen, read the history of countries that became Marxist or Communist countries. You won’t have to look very far in the past. Colombia and Venezuela are just two right off the top of my head. Just do a little research and you will see how brutal a change to Marxism really is. Just check out the history of one of the worst that helped create the Cuban government and on many of the rioters t-shirts, Che Guevara.

Just some food for thought…

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