BLM – Do you even care?

Black Lives Matter? Sure as hell does not look like it. Nope, it looks more like a bunch of black and white thugs that just want to destroy the nation. They have burned down their own communities, threatened whites and blacks that disagree with them, murdered police officers of all colors, and worst yet murdered beautiful little kids. Little kids of their own color that they say they want a better life without racism.

As if it isn’t bad enough the lie and use the abuse of a man that everyone agreed was wrong as a martyr, even with a criminal record. If is wasn’t bad enough to destroy black owned businesses in your own communities. If it wasn’t bad enough to have white liberals kneel down and be cuffed as some bullshit self serving unjustified proof of history that none of you were even alive to have felt or witnessed. If it wasn’t bad enough to murder black police officers and a retire black chief of police.

NO! Your little punk ass Marx lying BLM has murdered babies as young as 6 years old over this weekend! Beautiful young kids that were completely innocent of doing anything wrong. In fact they were all the very black kids that you say you were fighting for!


If you truly were for a world that was better for those and all kids, you sure as hell wouldn’t be creating more racism through your actions. You wouldn’t be recreating Jim Crow laws that Martin Luther and Rosa Parks fought against in the 50’s and 60’s. You wouldn’t be walking around streets in black masks and carrying guns to intimidate others because they are white, that’s no better than what the KKK has done in the past… In fact that placing you on the very same level.

These babies should be alive today. They should not have had to feel the pain of your hatred piece their young flesh. Their parents should not be attended funerals because of your ignorant racist hate filled hearts. White, black, or any color that think they can justified the Black Lives Matter movement that is creating more death and want to destroy the country.


A storm is brewing and the Marxist need to beware!

Father Of 8-Year-Old Killed Near Atlanta Wendy’s: ‘They Say Black Lives Matter. You Killed Your Own.’

Fourth of July weekend shootings result in the deaths of at least 6 children

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