Cancel this company and all that support this! American Girls!

News Story: Geniuses at American Girl push transitioning for Christmas, because being a ‘girl’ may not be ‘smart’ | Fox News

Please stop supporting any and all companies that want to destroy young boys’ and girls’ lives. Yes, they are destroying these young lives with crap that tells these children to disobey or go around their parents, and common sense.

These children are not old enough to be given the right to vote, smoke, drink, have jobs, join the military, and the list goes on. Yet, somehow they are able to pick what sex they are before that turn even 10.

This madness has to stop!

The sick people that support this thinking are groomers and perverts that need to be jailed and lose any medical or therapy license that they have. They lie about how safe the drugs are and that they can be reversed. There are no studies that support this… Especially for children!

How many of these kids will regret the lives their parents and the sick groomers created for them in the future? How many of these kids will kill themselves in the future because they were fed lies by people they should have been able to trust?

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