School Attempting to Force Values on Students


While reading the story I will be writing about today takes me back many years to when I was a child in kindergarten in Bakersfield, CA at Castro Lane Elementary. In my case, it had nothing to do with transgenderism or LBGTQ+ issues. What happened to me is more about the fact that a school, much like the case of part of the story today, decided that they would place me in a classroom that my mother had rejected.

In my situation, the school sent home a letter about placing me in a Spanish-to-English class to help me adjust to speaking Spanish. Well, since my mother was a white woman raised in Mississippi and only had the Mexican surname of Herrera when she married my father, she sent the letter stating it was unnecessary. While my father could speak Spanish, it was not his first languish as he also was raised in the US as he was a third-generation citizen on my grandmother’s side.

I few days later the school counselor started to pull me out of class and take me to a room where a woman only talked to us in Spanish. I had no idea what she was saying, just that I knew that my dad would speak in Spanish to my grandfather. This went on for a few days until my mother came to pick me up for an eye doctor’s appointment and I was not in my normal classroom. She went to the office and learned that I was being taken from my classroom each day to this Spanish-to-English learning class. To say my mother was hot was an understatement. She let the principal and the rest of the office know about it too. She very loudly let them know that I would not be in the class again and that she never gave them permission to take me there.

That school had no right to assume that I needed the class based on my surname, let alone to defy her written disapproval of this class. They simply went around my mother’s parental rights and choose to place me in a classroom where I had no idea what was being said. I guess from my mother, I was not the only English-only student in the room either.

From that experience, as a parent today I made sure that my kids knew to tell me what was happening in the classroom. If the teacher was saying anything that went against our values or countered what I had taught them. I also taught them that if a teacher ever threatened them with a visit to the principal’s office as this school did in the story, just say ok and start walking to the office, then I would deal with it after that. And yes, I did have to go into the school and complain about such situations.

Now in the case of the story in the link above, the school went even further than what happened in my situation. The Glendale High School didn’t just start to teach the student the LBGTQ+ subject matter, they even called the student a homophobe and bigot for having opposing beliefs. Not to mention, they didn’t just go over what the difference was between heterosexual and homosexual sex was, they explained sexual positions.

Of course, the school defined itself by stating that it was the student that was making “bigoted, homophobic” comments. That the school had not done anything wrong at all.

When the student also reported why she would not change for PE, they basically called her a lair without any mention of investigating. Just encase you didn’t read the story yet, she reported that while in the locker room, there were men in the coach’s office that had windows facing the locker room. They basically just stated that the policy didn’t allow men in the locker room so it couldn’t happen. To that I would have to say, then there must never have been student-teacher sexual abuse either at any school in the US because they have a policy that says it was against school policies.

At the end of the news story, you will see that this is not the first time the school has been in the headlines for its “woke” policies. They have recently told their educators to hide pro-nouns and sex transitioning of students from their parents and without parent knowledge they have also sent LBGTQ+ educational material to teachers during pride month.

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