Government Bias Registry?


Reading the news stories of the new Minnesota bill being debated in their state legislation really makes me wonder a few things.

  1. Have these people writing these bills at the local, state, and federal levels of the government ever read books on Utopian governments? There are plenty of them out there from the great Greek philosophers to the more modern Orwellian books like Animal Farm and 1984 that show where these types of laws will take the country. There are even movies out there that show the same thing, Logan’s Run and Soylent Green are two of them.
  2. Do these people creating the bills understand what the freedom of the press and speech is? Do they not know why the Founding Fathers of the country placed the Freedom of Speech, Press, Assembly, and Protest in the First Amendment? Not to mention the freedom of Religion. Those freedoms were placed on the top for people to freely express their views and beliefs. Meaning that there should not be a register of people that current or future government officials believe are biased for or against an idea.
  3. Do these people not know or understand how Hitler used such tactics to monitor the people of Germany? How it turned from monitoring to arresting to killing those that disagreed with his idealogy? How monitoring turned into book burning of anything that went against his views?

Over time this register could be used to allow government dictatorships to take over the country. Sure we would still be able to vote for a leader, just like the former USSR allowed people to vote or the current Chinese government allows also. The difference will be that your vote will only be to one of two party hardliners and all other possible candidates will disappear.

Of course, after posting my blog yesterday about the 673 professors at UNC writing letters to the North Carolina House in protest of American History being a requirement to graduate from a college or university… What should I expect of a Democrat in Minnesota?

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